July 15, 2011

snap it pretty :: LAST CALL

made by danni
Call me silly, but I would just go for the goody bags and giveaways, but the best thing is you will be learning the basics of your DSLR and get to meet with other bloggers too (see info here)! Trust me, there will lots of good opportunities for pretty picture taking. Danni and I are so excited about all of it! We need your RSVP so be sure to sign up here, so we can make sure to have everything covered for you too! We wouldn't want you to be without a pretty little lunch, would we?!! We hope to see you!!!

Be back soon with another post...


  1. i wanna go, I wanna go - but sadly I'm on the other side of the pond! boooooo



  2. if you ever had one in nyc i'd be the first one to sign up!!!

  3. same here- being in northern california doesn't permit me to go :( i would LOVE to be there though..

  4. Sounds like lots of fun but I live in New Zealand which is a little too far...


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