July 12, 2011


So Danni & I love taking pictures! But we don't claim to be experts or anything. In fact, we'll admit we don't really even know how to use the basic functions of our cameras! We pretty much just point and shoot. Which is why we've decided we need to have a photo workshop for super baby beginners, like us! We've invited the lovely Jen from i art u to come share her photo knowledge with us. Here's all the info about our workshop! Hope you sign up & can join us for a super fun day of learning and pretty things :)

Snap It Pretty: Learning the basics of your DSLR so you can snap away at all the pretty things in life.

Who it is for: A DSLR owner who wants to learn the basics of how to use their camera in manual mode. If you basically use your DSLR as a point and shoot, then this class is for you! We'll go over things like the shutter speed, ISO, focus, depth of field, and more!

Who it isn't for: Those who already know how to use their camera in manual because if you do, this class will bore you. Maybe we will have something for you next time!

When: Saturday July 23, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Cost: $150

Where: Fullerton, California (Location will be emailed to attendees)

What will be provided: lunch, goodie bags, and the basic knowledge of how to use your DSLR from a professional photographer.

What will you be doing? 1) Learning the basics of how to use your DSLR in manual mode. 2) In a group, styling vintage props to practice your snapping away for pretty pictures. 3) Meeting other bloggers and blog readers.

Questions? Email us at welikeitpretty@gmail.com!

If you are interested in attending, please sign up here and we will email you with payment information. Class space is limited to just 15 people.

We've been working hard to collect the best camera goods from all around - Some of our sponsors include knitty bitties, imo shop, cute tape, friends make prints, petite paperie, and lots more! Attendees also have a chance to enter our mega giveaway for a chance to win a prize from lisa leonard, jo totes & ketti handbags, valued at over $95!

* ps: due to short notice (we have been planning this forever, but life gets busy you know!) and knowing the workshop is only a couple weeks away, if only a few people sign up (must have minimum number of 12 people), we will re-schedule the workshop for a later date.

Giveaway winners check here and here and more of "Story" coming soon in another post! Check back in an hour or so, this next part is pretty funny...


  1. oh my god. i wish i'm not living on the other side of the world!

    have fun girls!

  2. so wish i lived in the area, i would definitely be there!

  3. Darn you! I Just did a workshop!! Would've gone to yours instead!!!

  4. oh man!! i have to work at a wedding that weekend! if you guys postpone it, i would def be interested (jane j.'s friend)-- i met you at renegade last summer!

  5. darnit! once again, I live too too far!

  6. I will actually be in town this weekend from AZ and am MUY interested. checking on things now to see if I can go!

  7. jozen- you could always fly in! ;)

    bri kim- yes! totally excited to see you again! trust me, the event will be so fun and loaded with lots of pretty things!!!

  8. aw man - i wish i didn't live over here in SC or else i'd sooo be there. what an amazing group of teachers!!!

  9. Very sad for me I lived at the east coast otherwise I will definitely join.

  10. can i sign up for the next one? i have to do hair+makeup for a wedding that morning. boohoo!!

    im for sure in for the next. :D
    xoxo brit

  11. i hesitate leaving my boys for soo long with the sitter.
    will there be one in Los Angeles?

  12. Ooohh, I wish I lived there! :\
    This seems like a wonderful opportunity!

    I just loved the "snap it pretty" ad... Well done!

  13. ack! i so wish i could come, but hubs will be up there for fleet week already :( what a lovely idea and would totally enjoy coming to another!

  14. trying to figure out if I can make it -- would love to come!

  15. I definitely wish I lived in the area! This would be amazing to meet my two favorite bloggers - cakies & oh, hello friend! :)


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