June 21, 2011

shop stocked

Yes, I know. It has been a very long while since I have done anything shop related, but here you go. A nice big update of goodies for you! Go and visit the Cakies shop now...
bolt of thunder
sweet rosy crownflowered fringehello bowpretty bowcameo felt hair clipcameo felt hair clip
All the items listed are ready to be shipped! And some colors are one of a kind, so if you want one, you better snag it (like this, this, and these are the last ones). The bows (we got big and smalls) probably won't be made again and don't forget the dollhouse pillows! But if you do still need a custom crown, just let me know and I can always see what I can do.

This will probably be the last update for the rest of this year as we got a baby coming in a few short months and who is to say if I will continue to make things for the shop after that. Four kids is a whole lot of responsibility and not sure if that leaves much room for sewing in the days ahead, though I do want to open a vintage shop up soon, but I just need more time in a day. Though for now, enjoy the stocked shop!!!

Happy first day of Summer!!!


  1. yay!! SO excited! might shop around ;)

  2. I was going to ask you when you will open a vintage shop! Good for you mama! I have three too and know what it takes to get ANY sewing done....shunning!

  3. Great stuff! So creative of you.
    I'm a big fan of your blog. So I couldn't resist to post something on my blog about it. Hope you like it!
    xoxo Soraya
    from Holland.

  4. such a clever girl :)

    4 kids (like me). Take advantage of them when small...they grow so quickly :(

  5. I LOVE the crowns! So much fun.

  6. i'm a long time follower but haven't commented yet. :) I love love your blog! I get it in my RSS feed. I think your blog is wonderful and I'm inspired by your style! And i LOVE your kiddos names. We gave ours unique names as well: Rowan, Asher, Bella and Haven. And your kiddos are beautiful! Thanks for your blog; keep it up.

  7. Such cute stuff! I have to tell you I saw your listing for the cameos last night while browsing etsy and thought it was such a clever photo but didn't click it because I had to find something ASAP. Seeing it on your blog today made me smile.

  8. I like the crowns and I LOVE the wire thingy that the crowns are wrapped around. I know you probably snagged it at some vintage flea market so I won't even bother asking where it came from... but I do love it. Thanks for inspiring us!

  9. love everything!! wish I could buy everything up!

  10. I'll have to go check out your shop. Looks like you got some cute things there.

    I just opened up my Etsy shop. Just selling lots of vintage items I've found in the past.


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