June 15, 2011

pie anyone?

strawberry pie
I have been doing some pie making lately. Sounds good, but it can be a terrible thing if you end up being the one that eats all of the pies. Good thing they are little pies. Me and sweets together is a very dangerous thing!

Ben is working late, the girls are in bed, now I gotta keep trucking through today's to do list... but yesterday's sewing got me into a sewing mood and that is all I really want to do right now!


  1. that looks delish, and the perfect size!

  2. Oh, that is just so super cute! It looks delicious!
    I am like you too, me + sweet things is never a good mix especially around mid terms or exams.

    Ngaio May x

  3. mmmm looks so yummy, my husband is working late too urrrg, my girl is sleeping and I'm enjoying some milk with cookies, what else I can do? Jajaja I love sweets too!
    good night!

  4. I like little pies too..I get into less trouble the smaller they are ;)

  5. yummy dEliCiOus xx


  6. Dont worry eating all the sweets isn't a crime:)

    Looks delicious by the way :)


  7. I don't know how you do it! I just had my second a month ago and am just now figuring out how to get dressed before noon :) Thanks for being such an encouragement in the Lord!


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