May 27, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: a happy place

vintage here, vintage there
The morning we were getting dressed to go to Disneyland, my daughters already had distinct ideas of what they wanted to wear. They picked their own clothes and somehow they said those were "Disneyland clothes". I guess I had my "Disneyland clothes" ready too so when I got this shirt in from Ms. Tips, I knew this shirt was going to be perfect for our Disney day and indeed it was!
vintage here, vintage there
The weather was wonderfully warm and sunny, but not too hot. We all had sweaters in the stroller cause once that California sun disappeared it was suddenly very cool.
vintage here, vintage there
Soulie was confined to the stroller most of the time there, except when she was riding a ride, but when she got loose, oh she had herself a blast! She is one baby that cannot be contained and wants to be wherever her sisters are.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
Oh that bump keeps growing and I am getting new stretch marks! I don't understand why as I already have so many to begin with, but I guess that is the price I pay for my babes. Good thing Ben loves my tattoo of fire (that's what it really looks like) on my belly. My hair is also really long now and I don't know what to do with it! Thus, it is always up or to the side. Must bug my sister to cut my hair soon.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
Sandal season... love it! I need to order some new salt waters for True as she has almost outgrown hers. Then those gets passed down to Brave. I am thinking to get these or these. It's time for me to dig out all my sandals that have been sitting in boxes. I have a beach wedding to attend to this weekend, so I will be sure to wear one of them.

on me: shirt, vintage via ms. tips. skirt, thrifted. camisole, local shop. shoes, vintage via capricious traveler. sunglasses, anthropologie.
on true: shirt, misha lulu. skirt, vintage. sandals, salt waters. bow, made by me.
on brave: dress, vintage. shirt, misha lulu. sandals, salt waters.
on soul: dress, vintage. leggings. misha lulu. moccasins, freshly picked.

Lovely vintage sandals for little ones: baby hurachas, red white and blue, pink mary janes, black flats, navy salt water.

Rachel and I have both been busy so our outfit posts come a bit later this week! Hope you don't mind. Head "over there" and see Rachel's ultra fab boots and Ruby's oh so cute sailor dress. Those two are always utterly adorable!!!

Happy weekending friends!

p.s. will you be at the oh, hello friend & found yard sale? i will (just for a bit)! maybe i will see you there!


  1. Hi Stylers! you guys are all so cool!

  2. You guys look fab! At that bump is darling with the california tank. I love love looooove salt waters and luckily enough here in Phoenix I can usually pick them up at a Nordstrom clearance store (Last Chance) for $3-$5 a pair. I say go with the crewcuts cute!

  3. AWWWW! The babes are cute but YOU are the cutest! What a beautiful mama!!!

  4. Me ha encantado pasear por su blog. Felcidades!
    Me he permitido enlazar uno de sus post en mi blog. Espero que sea de su agrado.

  5. Everyone is just too cute! :)

  6. aww, pregnancy looks great on you!
    btw, would you mind sharing the name of the nail polish you are wearing? i kinda <3 it. :)

  7. That Soul is beautiful!!! So are your older girls but Soul has the dickens in her eyes!!! So very pretty.
    I didn't get stretch marks until my 2nd baby. My youngest asked me what happened to my belly and I tell her she needed some extra room when she was in my belly. It doesn't bother me,the only thing it prevents is the wearing of a bikini which I doubt I would wear

  8. Love the shoes :)

    ....and what a adorable girls ♥

  9. I think the 2nd link to the sandals are really cute and they have cute colors!Those sandals rock and it's worth it since all the girls get to share & maybe the baby,too....if it's a girl?

    our homeschool letter project:

  10. If it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to post a picture of your wedding band? I caught a glimpse of it in one of the photos and it looks lovely!
    My fiance and I are wedding ring shopping ALOT lately, so I love to look at other people's wedding rings!

  11. i do so love your blog! It comforts me that there are women like u who love Jesus and live in the real world with all of its frustrations and exhaustion..

  12. aww its so cute that they chose to wear skirts! I was such a tomboy that my mom would force me to wear a dress on Sundays to church and somehow thursday became dress day too lol Its great that you have so many pictures to chronicle their childhood:)


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