May 2, 2011


soulie and me
Last night, I was helping Ben with a work project and right when I finished, I was about to blog, until my dad called telling us to turn on the news. Blogging never happened as I was glued to the television. It certainly was big news!

This morning I told True, "Last night something big happened."

She said, "What mommy?"

I said, "We caught a bad guy!"

True matter of factly said, "Mommy, bad guys aren't real."

Oh how I wish that were true! For now, our weekend adventure sharing will have to wait and I got things to clean and little girlies to snuggle!

Enjoy your Monday friends!


  1. i wish it was true as well.. to be a kid again. :)

  2. sooo precious. i hope she believes that for a really, really long time. :) i love your blog so much!

  3. that is the most beautiful picture.

  4. How adorable is your blog?! Oh my goodness :)

  5. soul is so pretty! look at those eyes! i. die.

  6. how precious is that photo? precious overload!

    how sweet her answer <3


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