May 29, 2011

new month coming

Hello friends! My belly is round, but I managed to scarf down a yummy dole whip float still. Life is good and full.

June is around the corner and I will have some new sponsors coming, but before the month officially turns, I wanted to ask, "Do you have something to ad?" Cakies subscribers and daily page visits are increasing daily. I have been adding some new friends and I would love to tell them about your blog, shop, or your fabulousness! For more details, just shoot me an email.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!


    that looks delish!!

  2. I agree! You are darling and that float looks awesome!!

  3. that ice cream looks tasty, and the belly has been growing fast .....

    exchange links?

  4. you carry pregnancy so well!
    what a beauty!

  5. I'm now craving a Dole float!
    Must get to Disneyland soon!!

    By the way congrats on the new baby, haven't said hello on here in a long time.

  6. You look amazing!!!! Such an adorable pregnant lady :)
    xoxo Lauren

  7. wanted one of those so bad when we were in Disneyland, but the lineup was horrendously long :(

    sent you an email!

  8. hi! hi!

    Just wanted to say you look super adorable! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend! :)

  9. You are a beautiful pregnant lady!
    I think you will have a boy, your belly looks really big!
    That float looks so yummy!

  10. Your belly is super cute!(:

  11. ummm, your belly is just way too adorable! that shirt fits you all too well. I think your blog is perfect and love having it in my daily reads!

  12. You look so sweet with your round belly. I hope I look as cute as you when I have a kid someday.


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