May 6, 2011

a message for all you mothers

rockin' mommy day
You ROCK!!!

The picture above was from the first ever Rockin' Mommy Day Ben (and True) did for me. Rockin' Mommy Day isn't done on mother's day, but just some other random day of the year that Ben picks to show me some lovin' from him and the kids. Mothers aren't meant to just be honored on mother's day, you know?!

This Rockin' Mommy Day was done before I really knew what blogging was though I suppose I was keeping some form of it on xanga. I went back to see if I had documented that day and indeed I had. I am so glad! So if you wanna read about the first Rockin' Mommy Day ever, go here and if you wanna see the most show stopping one, go here. Hmm... I wonder what the next one will be like, though I won't know when it is coming.

For all you moms, soon to be moms, mom-like to other people's kids, I hope you have a grand time celebrating this weekend! You deserve whatever you want (within reason of course)!

I have a feeling this weekend has nothing but good things ahead! I can feel it in my bones, can't you?!! Tidbits of this week's learning and other stuff:

- I am feeling very lazy in my desire to grow in God's word this week. I really need to pray for desire.

- I don't like moles, voles, or whatever the heck it is that is ruining our garden and costing us lots of money. We don't have money to be throwing away.

- Zara kids has the cutest things ever! Too bad, I don't have pennies for them, but I can sew, so that works just as well.

- Misha Lulu is having a way cool giveaway for all you crafty mamas! Go here and check it out.

- Ms. Tips is have a fantastic sale in her shop! Until Sunday, everything is 30% off in honor of all mama's day.

- One of my sponsors, The Attic People, just opened up their own online shop and I must say there are a lot of good stuff! I have my eyes on a few things. If only money grew on trees, but instead money is like the plants in my garden that are getting eaten up by the pesky mole/vole. Gone. Real. Quick.

Happy weekend friends and I will be sure to be back with good stories on Sunday. Promise!


  1. I can so relate to not having the time to read my Bible, so I'm currently listening to sermons as drive in the car and do chores. See if this could work for you as well.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. oh how I wished money grew on trees as well!!

    happy mother's day Rubyellen! you are one of the most rockin' mamas I know!!

  3. Reading your previous rockin mommy day posts brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely thing your husband has done for you. You are so blessed to have such a great family. (and an incredibly adorable one at that).

    I have three girls as well and am very excited for mother's day.

  4. What a lovely idea your husband got with this Rockin' Mommy Day.
    I'm also not so much into celebrating mother's day because I think there are so many times you feel important as a mother and your kids show you that they love you. Of course everyone loves getting flowers on sunday morning! but i'll spend the day in hospital, welcoming my second child, so what better gift could I get?


  5. which year was the wicked surprise?

  6. i just read the post from your first rockin' mommy day and i really teared up. it is wonderful, so wonderful to see the love and tenderness your husband has for you. it is such a testimony to Lord and so glorifying to him for Ben to love you that way. I am blessed! Praise God!

  7. Happy Mothers Day! I love coming to your blog. I am preg too with my 4th and only have about 4wks left so I am really feeling very much like a 'mummy'. p.s The hand gesture that Ben is doing is actually the hand sign for "I love you" Rock is actually only the thumb and last finger pointing out with the rest closed.

  8. kim- thanks! yeah we know, but we like to do it that way. it seems friendlier!

  9. love that picture. captured perfectly.


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