April 8, 2011


happy flowers
Another week flew by. Just like that.

It was a good week of God doing stuff in my life. I don't know about you, but I struggle with prayer. I have mentioned that I am reading this book and it has shown me so much. Often when I pray, I just feel shallow, so I pray to not feel shallow and even that feels shallow, but still I keep praying. Shallow or not... that is just what I have to do. God has shown me that even though I feel so shallow when I pray for certain things, he is not a shallow God, but is full of unimaginable depth and grace. He has answered so many of my prayers this week. Prayers of which while I pray, I just feel so cynical that I think "Why pray?! Whatever happens is going to happen anyway." I tell you, if you feel you have a cynical praying heart like me, just keep praying. God works. Maybe not always the way you want, but it will always be what is best, though you may not know it (or it may not feel like it).

Other than those lingering and convicting thoughts in my heart this week, everything is good over here. I have some project deadlines due today and tomorrow, my house is still messy, which will hopefully get cleaner after we send the big girls to another sleepover at grammy's and grumpy's house. Saturday is the day Ben and I will divide and conquer (hopefully). Though all this cleaning is a pain, the redecorating part is kinda fun.

More tidbits of what I learned this week...

- Pray even when I am not into it.

- True is a bully to Brave and makes up stories to get Brave in trouble.

- This new to me blog is cool.

- This new vintage kid shop has good stuff.

- I am behind in my weekly polaroids of the girls. It is because I can't find the pictures!

- I can't ever catch up with emails!

Enjoy your weekend and wish me a lot of productivity please! Anything interesting you learn about this week?


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  2. I really enjoy the new format of your Friday post! It encourages me to take the time to reflect on my week as well! I also LOVED the videos you used to post on Fridays.I hope you will post more one day!♥

  3. Wishing you lots and lots of productivity for the weekend.

    This week, I learned about your blog! Elise did a post about blogs she loved on her blog and from that I have become a follower of yours on Bloglovin. I'm really enjoying it :)

    All the best

  4. Had a huge week too, i learned that i can teach hand sewing, in a gorgeous vintage styled setting, very proud of myself!! Love Posie

  5. I just started reading "crazy love" by Francis Chan and the first chapter is about praying. God wants a relationship with us so that may mean just telling him simple things or just giving him thanks... it is like a relationship with Ben-- sometimes you have deep conversations and sometimes it's just a catch up conversation... as long as you make time for Him. And listen... that's what I'm learning to do this week. Listen.

  6. I can really relate to the praying struggles... thanks for sharing and also for the encouragement to keep praying!

  7. I relate too the praying issue! But God is good!
    Please text me back...need info

  8. Thanks for the shop shoutout! You are too sweet. I am definitely looking forward to all the vegetable posts I know I will be seeing soon! I'm starting a garden this year finally. It will be so good to stop buying all those veggies at the store and seeing some of them go bad in the fridge. Here's to freshly-picked and home-grown!

  9. What I learned this week:
    -mice have been in drawers that I thought were immune to their scavenging. ewww!

    -that I love watercolor paints

    -that cutting flowers with scissors pinches them so they can't soak up water and that roses can get air bubbles so it's better to cut them under water (for arrangements)

    -that it can be tough to lead a Bible study group

    -that I cherish the time I spend reading to my kids and I need to be better about doing this on a regular basis

    Thank you for sharing the ins and outs of your days with us :)

  10. {{I wish you a lot of PRODUCTIVITY!}} Pah doww! ;)

    Also, really and truly thanks for this opening on prayer. I will keep it in my heart and mind this week. I also struggle with everything you said here. My prayers have sounded like weird one sentence blurts lately that dissolve as quickly as my mind blurts them. I don't get it. Thanks for allowing me to identify.

  11. I LOOOOVE that kids shop! I just picked up the cute little strawberry romper for my niece shelby's first birthday!

    And I know exactly what you mean about superficial feeling prayer. God has really spoken to me lately about making a more conscious effort to pray for SALVATION for those who I know are in need. It is one of the most important prayers I often forget to make among what I feel like is a list of things i want!


  12. I learned that my 3 year old son is red-green colorblind.

  13. Praying for lots of productivity for you and lots of good rest too.

    I learned that its ok in prayer to just sit in God's presence and not have to talk or say anything.

  14. Love the thoughts on prayer & thought I'd share my latest 'Praise' story with you.....check it out here on my blog:


  15. Thanks for this post, I've been struggling with being cynical a lot lately, so it was good for me to read this

  16. i haven't been here for a while, things look good! i love the new banner! and Soul is getting so big!
    wish you lots of productivity ;)

  17. I'm just like you with praying...
    But thanks to our mercyfull God, His love and depth go beyond our shallowness!

    many hugs to you, with all the love from Brazil

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  19. I've learned that I love waking up and cuddling with the cat, even if he does cry at 5:30 am. Hope you are having a productive week so far!

  20. I don't ever comment, but I do love your blog. I had 5 babies in 5 years so I know you don't have much time to read but if you want to make your prayer life richer "a simple way to pray" by Martin Luther changed my life. It is more of a pamphlet you can find for free on-line, written to his barber after he asked how a layman should pray. Beautiful.


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