March 31, 2011

warm days ahead

Oh, days have been warm now. This California weather seems to be kinda finicky. Every morning, the girls are out and about the backyard and the afternoons are spent on the front porch.
warm dayswarm days
Today was especially cute because I finally took out the vintage army cot I got on ebay recently. The girls were so excited to have another "spot" to relax on, so while Brave and Soul were napping, True was the lucky gal who got to relax and read all by herself. She looked so grown up and looked like she really knew what she was reading. Now, I just need Ben to put up my hammock and I can relax too!

Spring has got us Bratcher girls excited! Are you excited about springtime?

p.s. April is almost here, so if you want to be a sponsor, shoot me an email!
And, it is tax month... yuck! We are almost done... yay! Ben just has to finish getting everything together to hand over to our tax lady Jenny! If you need a good tax person, I highly recommend ours. She can do it for anyone in the United States and she is really efficient. Email me if you want her details too!


  1. I miss the Californian climate! I was a little girl in the bay area in the 80s. Here in England whilst the blossom has bravely appeared and we had a few sunny days where a brave person could go coatless we have now reverted to the standard rain and grey.

  2. Oh I am missing the warm days already here, they are trying to hang around but getting ousted by the cool air. The 'cot' looks cosy.

  3. Although we are far away from California here in Austria we have really warm spring days too at the moment (about 25°C).
    But my husband and me got to Cal for our honeymoon three years ago and one year later for new years eve and there is nothing better than the weather you got there. Especially in autumn and winter!


  4. Your post just made me so happy! I can't wait till it's finally spring - although NYC is way behind you guys.
    Your daughter is so adorable!!
    xoxo Lauren

  5. You always capture such sweet moments! I have a hard time remembering to photograph my ONE baby girl :)

  6. I'm going to enjoy this wonderful weather today with my girls pool side at a playdate. Glad that it finally feels like spring!!

  7. I want that cot! My husband keeps insisting we go camping, and i don't find sleeping on the ground in a tent very appealing. however, if i had a cot like that.....hmmmm...

  8. finally got around to checking out your blog. love it! your children are beautiful. :) i can't wait to spend more time flipping though all your posts!

  9. Your photos are always so lovely and fun to look at! Thank you!

  10. I love your photos! very sweet, orginal and natural!
    You catpture always those special moments!

  11. I'm so jealous of that cot! I really want a hammock, but we don't have a suitable tree in the house we might buy. I don't like the way modern freestanding hammocks look and that cot is exactly what I need. Now I need to find one. Wish me luck!


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