March 18, 2011

cooking baby: week twelve

cooking baby: week 12
Four is as high as we go, so we are making sure to document this growing belly. I always wanted to take monthly pics with each of my girls before, but never got around to it. This time we are making sure to do it and we are doing it weekly though we just started on week 12. The reason for the late start is because it took me forever to find the perfect dress to take it in. I wanted the pictures to be in the same dress, so you can really see the difference from beginning, kinda beginning, to end.

I ended up getting this dress and luckily it went on sale, so I got a nice price adjustment (makes me feel much better). I just tucked in the waist a bit, since it sits at an awkward place due to the baby belly and cut a strip from some green jersey fabric and used it as a sash to hide the weird waistline from my raising it up.

I am actually in week 13 now, so I am a bit behind in sharing this picture that we took last week. I think I look farther along than I actually am, but it is because this uterus has been stretched out so many times already (and very recently, I might add) coupled with the fact I am short, so this belly really just pops.

I know some of you have asked to see my pregnancy fashion. Honestly, right now, I am in such a rut. I just want to wear pajamas all day long! Hopefully, once this morning sickness says "bye bye", dressing will be fun again. For now, all I get dressed up for are the weekends when I have to leave the house.

Week 12 is when I first started to feel semi-better. The constant nasty taste in my mouth is not as strong and nausea only takes over in the morning. I am praying with faith that I will feel semi-normal soon enough, but days are getting better slowly... yippee!

Have a great weekend! Ours involves finishing up taxes. so. not. fun. What does your weekend involve?

p.s. I am so very behind in emails, so I may owe some of you one that date back to February (so sorry!). Once taxes are finished up, emails are next on my to-do list, but please forgive the pregnant woman for the late response! Thanks for hanging in there anyways!!!


  1. I had the same thing at the start of my pregnancy (and occasionally get it back, I'm now 27 weeks) with the yuck-o taste in my mouth--I read that it was often related to a zinc deficiency. I find that if I eat a few oysters (even though I don't really like them, they are jam-packed with zinc!) it goes away!
    Many blessings to you and that sweet baby you're growing!

  2. So cute Bratcher!!!!! When are we getting together?

  3. You look gorgeous!!! We also took pictures when I was pregnant, weekly ones! It was a lot but we love going through them now!

  4. You look great! And I love this documentation idea. Great backdrop!! I owe you an e-mail. ;)

  5. You look beautiful. I always wanted to do the week by week photo but for some reason never got around to it with either of my girls. Can't wait to see more pics :) our newest addition is just 6 weeks old and I already miss my big belly

  6. This is so and I must have gotten preggers within a day or so of each other. I am 13 weeks today. I know what you mean about being stretchy too. This is our fifth baby, and I've started to wonder if I've got two in there, I'm poking out so far.

    This weekend we are throwing lots of junk in a trash bin we rented. Fun!

  7. Very cute, and a good idea. I've been stumped for preggie outfits for my photos.

  8. Ooh ruby! I love this. Love the background.

  9. Such a creative and cute idea! I love the strips of fabric . . . and that dress.

    I am almost 17 weeks along and finally getting that 2nd trimester burst of energy! Hoping yours comes very soon!

    -Jen @ wee little house

  10. What a lovely belly & background!

  11. emails from feb?!

    i'd defriend you.

  12. Ghasp! I can't believe how many good news I've missed on my time out!!
    I'll write you an email today. =)

    CONGRATS ON THE BABY #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEY!

    hugs from Brazil!

  13. Congrats on the upcoming baby. Are you hoping for a boy this time?

  14. i think i just fell in love with your blog.



  15. such a wonderful idea... i love the fabrics hanging ... great colours and cute dress!! xx nadine xx

  16. oh my goodness! i'm so in love with this idea!! ive seen other ways to document pregnancy but i particularly adore this one. maybe it's something to do with all the colors of the fabric and that you have to stand sideways to hold up the numbers. i just love it!

    i wish i would have documented my pregnancy in some creative way. i just took pictures when my belly changed with the different months. at least it's a little exciting haha

  17. oh my gosh! I feel so out of the loop! Can you point me to the post that you announced lovely baby number 4? Congrats on the pregnancy!


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