January 6, 2011

the road home

We left San Antonio before the sun even came up as we were trying to do a straight shot home (with bathroom breaks of course!). I like being on the road and will gladly sit for hours (though I do drive too) admiring the scenery and singing really loudly to whatever music is playing. The hard part of road trips these days are the girls and their fighting and complaining, but still that won't stop us from going on them. The good by far out weigh the bad! Well, most times...

A surprise we hit on the road was a snowstorm through southern New Mexico. We thought it was going to hit at night when we have long past the area, but we hit it right on. It was a bit scary and I did a lot of praying as Ben drove, but praise God He got us through it safe! And it was a bit special because this was the first time I ever saw snow fall! Mind you, I have seen snow, but have never seen it fall! It was so cool! The girls enjoyed seeing it and we would open the windows so they could feel it from time to time (not too long though).
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It is fun to be on the road, but it is better to be home! I still have videos to make of our Christmas and our trip, so you may be getting a video overload pretty soon! Get ready...

I have pretty much unpacked everything and caught up on house stuff and most emails, so I have a special date with my sister (and my girls) to get out of the house today. Yippee!

Do you prefer flying somewhere, going on a road trip, or staying home?

p.s. don't worry mom & dad, the girls were out of the car for less than a minute!


  1. What a special memory for you all! Living in PA where it snows every winter, I forget that there are adults who have never experienced snowfall.

    Every other summer, we drive from eastern PA to western IN. It takes 13 hours on a good day. PA is long but there's interesting scenery- farms, valleys, mountain tunnels. Ohio is long and flat. It gets pretty boring after awhile!

    We always drive. This summer we are flying to FLA and it will be the first time both of my children (16 and 10) have flown. They are very excited.

  2. Living in Quebec, Canada the snow is a big deal during Christmas holidays traveling. We always have to check the weather forecast before planning the traveling. But even then, we usally travel no matter what is the temperature, because we are use to snow and want to be with our family.

    Even if I've seen snow from my first days (I think there was a snowstorm the day I was born) the very first snow of the year is always pretty special and I'm always waiting for it.

  3. Road trips definitely have ups and downs, but you usually only remember the good parts. Love these pictures!

  4. I lived fourteen hours away from my college and I made the trip about eight times a year, often through the night.

    I really like talking to the others in the car (if there are others) and singing loudly to my favorite music and running around like a crazy person at gas stations. Fun times.

  5. that picture of you and brave is my favorite you've ever taken of her. she looks so happy!

  6. i live in southern NM (las cruces) but was on the east coast for the snow! must have been surprising to everybody! glad you guys got to experience it and have fun.

    La Rizada

  7. I love your pictures! The one of you cuddling Brave and the one with True giving Ben a kiss are priceless!! Glad you guys had a safe drive back!

  8. I love road trips (except with my husband!). But we do it twice a year from east PA to Cincinnati. And Mim is partly wrong... Ohio is only flat in the middle... Cincy is a mini- San Francisco!! You can tell you guys are from southern California-- bare feet in snow!!! Whenever I think of moving south, I change my mind because nothing is more beautiful than snow falling!

  9. Looks like a fun road trip. Beautiful pics. I love a good road trip, when the weather is good. Otherwise, I get a bit nervous!

  10. road trips all the way for me! Ive traveled cross country a few times now, and even by myself. I remember calling Danni one night (before we had even met) while I was driving in Texas...just to chat. I could be a trucker if I wanted to, honestly. Haha. That's how much I love road trips.

    That's so exciting you got to see snow fall for the first time. I grew up with it every winter, and I STILL get excited to see it. Last night as I fell asleep I was wishing I could be walking on some crunchy snow all bundled up. I miss it.

    Glad to hear you are back safe!

  11. I bet your little girls were very excited. :)
    I love road trips, but flying is awesome, too!

  12. How neat, you got to see snow in a very non-snow place! Snow is so lovely, especially to those of us who rarely get to see it. In Minnesota, I am sure they're over it! :0)

    I want to take a road trip very badly. Haven't done it since I had my kiddos, but would love to. I am growing increasingly un-thrilled about flying.

  13. Hooray for snow!!! I can't imagine how exciting it would be to finally see your first snowfall after waiting that long,wahoo! What a good little late Christmas present for you guys. My husband is in a touring band (which I'm still tagging along with) so I completely understand the "its better to be home" feeling.

    And where in the world did you get that sweatshirt/possibly looks like a cape that you're wearing? I NEED one!!!!

  14. Road trips are so magical...love the pictures!

    I would also love love love to know where you got that fabulous hybrid sweatshirt!


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