December 26, 2010

a texan christmas

Ben is from Texas, thus it was our year to travel there to celebrate Christmas with his family! After a long 21 hour drive, we arrived safe and sound on Christmas eve and we were ready bright and early Christmas morn (okay, maybe more like at 11am Christmas morning) to celebrate Jesus' birthday! It was a laid back day of opening presents, eating a whole lot, watching home videos, Ben cooking a yummy dinner and leading us in a little family worship, and all of us staying in our pajamas all day long! Did I mention I didn't even brush my teeth all day?!! Haha! Sorry to anyone who spoke to me. Also, our planned Christmas outfits never got worn, so we will just have to save that for another day. It was a wonderfully lazy day of just being together as a family! We love our Christmases in Texas!
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christmas day in texas
christmas daychristmas daychristmas daychristmas daychristmas daychristmas daychristmas day
Let's just say we are all are getting pretty spoiled being here with gifts, yummy food, and lots of love! This is a pretty short visit as we are pretty much turning right back around to head home (Ben's work wasn't able to give him time off). Nevertheless, we will be sure to pack in lots of memory hunting as much as we can!


  1. Love the pictures of the girls! Looks like a cozy Christmas.

  2. Looks like a very fun and memorable Christmas. The 21 hour drive would make me a little insane but it looks like it was very much worth it. Hope New Years is the same for your family and yourself!


  3. I love the kiddo record player! Glad to hear you had a merry Christmas! :)

  4. Great warm and cozy photos! I am glad you guys had a lovely Christmas!!!!

  5. Your girls are precious!
    What a lovely christmas...I hope my version of this loveliness is in store for me. :)

  6. your kids are adorable! glad you had a good holiday! xoxo jcd

  7. cozy is just the perfect word for these pictures! love it.


  8. EEk! Looks like Ruby and True got the same Fisher-Price record player for Christmas! Can I say...I love getting to just chill all day in pajamas at the in-laws. It's so nice to be taken care of and un-rushed after a long drive!

    Have a safe trip home!

  9. You have theee cutest little mestiza family. :)

  10. 21 hour drive with two little children?! Aaahhhhh!!!!! We have a 6.5 hour drive to see our closest family & it can be pretty brutal. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. We stayed in our pj's all day, played with new toys, ate snacks, & watched movies together. It was really fun!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  11. I remember having one of those little record players when I was young!! Is that an old one or are they still making them? Love it!!

  12. A beautiful family Christmas.

    Here's to wishing the happiest of happy New Years to you and your wonderful family.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  13. ohhh! i use to have one of those toy record players when i was little. i absolutely loved it. i think it was one of my favorite toys to be honest. yes. tons of hours of fun with that!

  14. Sounds wonderful, merry Christmas Cakies family :)


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