December 14, 2010

some pretty things

One thing for sure is that I like way too many things! Anyone else have that problem?!! And do we really need any of the stuff we like? No, not really, but they sure are still nice! Ben asked for my list this year and I didn't know what to put on it. I was really stuck! That is a rarity for me. Though, I did end up putting together some things for him (the only thing pictured below that was on the list I gave to Ben was the locket, but sadly sold).
a pretty little list

I guess based on this list, giving me pretty much anything vintage is a win-win! Oh! And I am now obsessed with collecting vintage carpet/tapestry bags and one of my good friends just gifted me a pretty one (thanks jane!) to add to my collection! I must show you my growing collection cause they are all so pretty!!!

What's on your list this year? I am excited to see if Santa thinks if I have been bad or good. I think I have been good... at least, most of the time!


  1. what a pretty list!

    i started collecting tapestry bags too! i found a little clutch with a wrist strap that is adorable!
    come to think of it i have about 10 running collections of vintage goodies. just so many pretty things!


  2. Ooh tapestry bag, good call. Gold toms are my christmas present to myself this year! ;)

  3. que fanciy chica! specially the Toms!!!!!
    Love the list!


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