December 2, 2010

hi auntie linda

My bff complains that she misses the girls and insists I put pictures up! She could care less about how to wrap a present as she just sticks things in anthro bags with their free tissue paper. Ha! Lin, this is for you...
truey (and soul)bravey
Things are busy over here as we are in party planning mode, last minute party planning mode, so my head is spinning! It is gonna be small, but there are just so many things yet to do! Yesterday, my little ladies and I put together some treats (idea via gourmet mom).
soulie party planningsoulie party planning
I think Brave was doing, "one for the treat, 5 for me" thing. That girl loves food. Her little belly knows no bounds! I must say, they are pretty tasty though!

Be back later with another wrap it up idea to make up for last week's lack of.


  1. ok those appetizers are the neatest looking dish! i love different stuff like that.

  2. this are sooooooooooo cute!
    Can you just plan my next party and do everything too?

  3. Also the girls are sooooooo DIVINE AS USUAL!

  4. I would love t try out those "bacon" and "eggies" ...yummy yummy choo choo...Ruby, your girls are precious!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH! YES! These are the posts I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bratchers are much cuter than wrapping paper.

    <3 ya. see you sat.

  6. I have to smile about this... that's the only reason I put up photos of my kids-- for the family to see them!! I have to plan a little teenager birthday party... do you have any great ideas for that?!! Yikes!!

  7. Oh my gosh! gimme gimme gimme

    ... the girls
    and that delicious pretzel chocolate stuff. :)

  8. Those girls... they kill me every time! SO SO adorable! :]

    The bacon & eggs look fun!!

  9. are the eggs candy?! (or are they actual eggs? lol)

    i remember eating gummies that look like these teenytiny sunny side-ups! now i'm gonna go hunt for them :D

  10. sugarmouse- the eggs are chocolate and m&ms!

  11. Happy birthday to Soulie! Can you believe our babies are 1? It's probably more realistic to you since you had 2 before her, but I'm definitely having a hard time wrapping my mind around it!

  12. ivy- i totally can't believe it! the year went by so fast! too fast!!! so when is baby 2 coming? ;)

  13. Baby #2 will be here when I've lost my baby #1 weight! Really, I'd like have the entire summer off instead of just 6 measly weeks, which means sometime next September or October, we'll need to start trying again. My mother-in-law/babysitter isn't up to 2 sets of diapers.

  14. I wanted to tell you those little eggs are addicting Ruby, I finished the 3 bags you gave me by myself, I only gave Joe an Bela one egg each :D
    Soul is so friendly!!I got to hold her, so cute!


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