November 10, 2010

vintage here, vintage there

By now, you all know how much I love vintage. I love vintage furnishings, books, toys, clothes for my girls, especially clothes for me. Well, Rachel (from Smile and Wave) and I are so normal moms, who have budgets, but like playing dress up and love to wear vintage. We thought it would be fun to team up and share once weekly (at least) how we incorporate vintage into our personal (and kids') wardrobes (also, how we dress in our respective part of the world, as she will get the cold, cold winter and well, me... not so much.) and hopefully encourage you to do the same. In the future, we will also be sharing about other vintage fashion lovin' mamas that inspire us and are totally cool!

Here is a bit of a Q & A regarding my start in vintage:
Q: When did you start wearing vintage and why?
A: I loved vintage clothing back in college and did the occasional thrift store hunting, but when Ben and I started dating I started wearing vintage more because we would go back to Texas to visit his family, and we would always find the best vintage clothing there. Vintage shopping in Texas was always so great! It wasn't until recently, that my love for vintage clothing for myself picked up. Though, I was buying vintage clothing for my girls from the moment I found out True was a girl.

I love vintage clothing because the pieces are so well made and the details on the clothes are always so amazing. They just don't make clothes like that these days! Not to mention, each piece of vintage clothing is unique, more than likely there won't be another piece out there like it. It is much easier on the wallet to buy unique vintage pieces than pretties from anthropologie (as much as i love that store, it isn't wallet friendly all the time).

Q: What do you look for in a piece when you're shopping?
A: I look for pieces in the 40's and 50's era, particularly dresses with circle or full skirts. Oh and pockets! I love dresses and skirts with pockets! Also, completely love shirt dresses! Guess, I love all kinds of vintage clothing, anything pretty will suffice!

Q: Favorite vintage find to date?
A: This 1930's dress. The color and print is just so fabulous and it was in absolute perfect condition when I found it for a steal of a deal too! Unfortunately, I took it home and washed it (note to self: do not machine wash crepe rayon) and it got a couple tears, but I think I fixed it up nicely and it isnt so bad anymore and I still love it just as much!

Q: The one piece that got away (or would've broken the bank!):
A: There was this dress for sale on etsy a few months back, but I just took too long to think about it and it sold so fast. I still wish and hope to see something similar again. As for vintage that breaks the bank, I am so in love with this and this (oh bag, please come here!).

Q: How do you style your daughter(s)?
A: My favorite eras for children clothes are the 60's and 70's. I love my daughters wearing cute, short dresses (though, not when the are older) with some colorful tights or knee highs and their vintage mary janes or boots. They also have their own particular clothing requests as True loves polk-a-dots and Brave loves red.

Q: Favorite sources for vintage online?
Also, I have a few vintage shop sponsors that I have either purchased from or hearted some items in their lovely shops, so you will find a bunch of goodies there too.
vintage at the patchvintage at the patch
on me: polkadot shirt, gift. vest, vintage from jet rag. belt, thrifted. jeans, forever21. boots, vintage from ebay.
on true: shirt, vintage from vintage petite. shorts, vintage from baby hank. tights, target. shoes, livie and luca.
on brave: sweater, vintage. dress, vintage. tight, target. shoes, vintage from fine little day shop.
on soul: sweater dress, vintage from flea market. leggings, target.

In case you aren't familiar, but I am sure you are, meet Rachel (and Ruby), the vintage there part of this little project...
Vintage For The Both Of Us
Rachel, we finally did it (after talking about this little project for a few months now)! I can't wait to see your vintage pretties on your side of the map! xoxo

We are pretty ecstatic about our little project and hope you all feel the same, and that it encourages you to add a bit of vintage into your life. We also want you to share your vintage wardrobe additions with the rest of us, so if you do have a vintage outfit to share, please leave the link here so we can all check it out and get inspired! "Vintage here, vintage there" coming weekly...


  1. Love you both! You and Rachel have such wonderful style and loving families and it is a pleasure to share in your lives. Thanks for opening your lives to us!

  2. This is such a great idea! Can't wait to see what you both come up with each week - your posts are always so interesting and downright adorable!!

  3. hey! nice to "meet" you (linked from rachel). your girls are so cute!

  4. You always make your vintage finds looks so modern and fun. I love the way you dress! This feature rocks.

  5. Sooo fun! I'm not a momma yet, and I don't have a ton of vintage clothing- but this was so fun to read about & see pictures of! Looking forward to hearing more about your finds!!! Your girls are beautiful.

  6. :) super neat idea! Especially since I hope to have stylish children in the future

  7. pockets are the best! i always get so excited when i realize that something really cute also has pockets! i can hardly ever resist after that.

  8. i'm really excited about this! it's inspiring : ) i love vintage everything!

  9. i'm excited about this! i don't have a problem finding vintage kid stuff (obviously), but vintage for me is harder... and now i'm pregnant - do you have any tips on wearing vintage while pregnant? (i'm following in your footsteps and having my second girl!)

  10. this is SO great! I love your blog. I also love vintage everything, but I find it difficult to commit to vintage clothing online. I worry that once it comes in the mail the sizing won't be right, or the material won't be what I thought it was. So I'm you have any advice for ordering vintage clothing online? how do you get to the point of feeling confident enough to actually commit? you ever have vintage ordering FAILS? :-) you order something, and it turns out to be totally wrong? I guess I'm hoping that maybe you don't have a 100% success rate, and that knowing that will help me to just jump in and do it!

  11. So exciting! I never know where to begin looking for vintage goodness. Just another reason to love your wonderful blog.

  12. This is such a fun idea, I can't wait to what you and Rachel have planned for next week:)Your family is absolutely adorable!!

  13. Oh wow..those Ferragamos are amazing! I use to work for Ferragamo and use to wear 6.5 back then. I wish I had known you I would have given you my shoes. After 4 boys I no longer wear a 6.5. Sadly I gave them to the goodwill. Back then I rarely used the net and ebay was an infant :)

  14. so excited about this feature! look forward to lots of inspiring posts!

  15. thanks for the inspiration! it's hard to know exactly what to look for when shopping for myself (not for the kids or husband). You gals are the cutest!!!

  16. Thanks for the online vintage store finds for the kiddos...time to get shopping!

  17. oh cool! excited about this new project. loved the Q&A, ruby!

  18. oh how cute are you all!! love this idea!!

  19. you and rachel are too adorable! i loved this post. xo

  20. Hi, I know how much you love vintage clothing for yourself and your girls. Take a look at this gorgeous coat, I'm sure you'll love it! x

  21. Wow, just found your blog! It is amazing, love your style! Inspiring, really!

  22. what a great idea!!! can't wait to read this feature every week :)

  23. Your shoes...*sigh*


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