November 19, 2010


Lately, I have really been enjoying doodling little wants and likes in my sketchbook. It is filled with little outfits I put together based on some of my favorites on etsy. I can't go shopping all the time, so I figured I could scratch that shopping itch by drawing my dream little outfits. Drawing is so addictive to me, once I start, I can't stop and then Ben says, "Um... isn't there something else you should be doing rather than drawing up dream outfits?!" There is indeed more important things to be done, but a girl can spend a little time dreaming things together, can't she?!!
in my sketchbook
Just a little list of things I want for fall, but I guess winter too, since it is right around the corner. Though lately, I have been living in sweats and a cardigan.

I am by no means a fashion illustrator, but I just doodle things that fancy me.
in my sketchbook
outfit details: heart on my sleeve dress (can't find it in my faves, must have been deleted). tapestry purse from ms. tips. retro maryjane t-straps. sprinkles cupcake.

This is one of my favorite little getups...
in my sketchbook

So sad some of these things have already sold, but it is just as well, because it wasn't in my budget to buy them. I am sure they are going to a nice wonderful home where they will be loved! Also, I have pages full of drawings (little outfits for my girls too), so my wish list is too big and you may see more of my doodles round these parts. This is my way of scratching my shopping itch.

Have a good weekend and do tell me what is on your etsy favorites list...


  1. LOVE your drawings! so very cute!

    they remind me of this new site:

    wish you could draw for them!!

  2. labeck- that is a cool site, never heard of it before! another site i am gonna be visiting often!

  3. when i was young i always dream about make the story short. i went to fashion h.s to fulfill my dream also went to college to study the whole fashion business...designing, for few years in the fashion district on how to learn the concept of designing to production. I don't dream as much anymore...maybe because I could afford it or maybe because I work in the fashion district for more than 10 years.

    I should go back to doodling...I do miss it though.

  4. i love these. thank you for sharing.

  5. You're drawings are adorable!! SO much better than my stick figures!

  6. Your drawings are fantastic! :D

  7. You are crazy... your drawings are fabulous!!! I love the little sketches in your notebook! I just found this cloche hat yesterday and was wishing for it: Keep drawing... it brings joy!!!

  8. First off,your so called "doodles" are amazing...they are better than just doodles....I love them! You should sell them....seriously!I love the detail especially on that first dress! You have got so much talent!What did you use to color them?

    As for my etsy goes...the first 2 items I own for my soon to be remodeled kitchen....

    kitchen towel-

    kitchen conversions print-

    vintage mikasa plate-



    Ok,this will be my last thing,I think the art prints are so cute here:

    Well,have a lovely weekend! I get to go out looking for a new stove (the one we have in our house is from the 1960's and caught on fire 2 weeks ago)and paint colors for my kitchen,so I'm excited about that!

  9. seriously, is there ANYTHING you can't do?

  10. wow, those sketches are beautiful ruby! your talents seem never-ending! and i absolutely adore both ensembles! just spotted the jazz dress on etsy - you would rock that dress! santa?

  11. too cute! love your doodles!! i've been so busy lately i haven't had time to just sit and draw. you are inspiring me to do just that!

  12. I love your drawings! You have so much talent. I used to love to draw but haven't taken time for it in far too long.

    ~ Jennifer

  13. I used to draw dream outfits for myself but I've got out of the habit these days, although I still do it for haircuts! You're so right, a girl can (and jolly well should!) spend a little time dreaming once in a while :)


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