October 18, 2010

pacific northwest road trip: day two

day two: alameda
day two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alamedaday two: alameda
We all woke up super early to go to the Alameda flea market. I really liked this flea market (as evidence by our goodies) and wish I could visit this all the time. After some flea market shopping, we made the 10 hour trek up north to Portland. It was a very long day!

I know some of you asked where some of the girls' clothes were from, so here is a little list for you...

on True:
navy pea coat: gift (a few years ago) from old navy
skirt: vintage (altered and appliqued)

on Brave:
sweater coat: vintage from my red boots
dress: misha lulu
leggings: target
red shoes: vintage from fine little day


  1. I can't wait to go on a road trip and flea markets!!! I told my husband get ready.

    Looks quite cold & windy there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. so much fun!!! When are you coming by?

  3. oh.my.goodness. their outfits are amazing!! best-dressed little girls i've ever seen. thanks for the breakdown -- i will have to keep misha lulu in mind in the future!

    also, that photo of you and your hubby is fantastic!!

  4. aw such beautiful pictures. :)
    much love.

  5. ooh ooh! we are going to frisco next month! i'm going to try to time it... why does the flea market have to be only on the first sunday of the month? : /

  6. there's nothing better than a roadtrip with your loved ones! :D

    ruby, ruby!
    my polaroid camera arrived! thank you so much! it is wonderful!



  7. i have a bit of free time and so i was just looking up your blog to see what you've been doing, buying, showing... and i'm so happy to see the red sweater-coat on Brave!

    you and your family look so lovely!


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