September 3, 2010

slice of life: in video

{song is Let Go by Frou Frou}

Yeah... so Soul turns 9 months today and as you can see she is walking (kinda). I don't think that is normal compared to my other girls, so maybe this whole delay in eating thing was good and my breast milk gave her some super power. Just maybe.

Besides celebrating her walking, we are happy cause Friday is here and we got a long weekend up ahead for folks here in the U.S. (though Ben just reminded me everyday is the weekend for me), so we are gonna get our happy weekend started with some friends over for dinner tonight. The girls and are I gonna be busy baking fresh bread and desserts, and Ben will cook the main course because cooking is mostly his job.

Have a lovely friday friends! There may be a giveaway this weekend (or I might just wait until Monday).

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  1. I love your little "Slice of Life" videos. Your family is the cutest! Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend! =)

  2. yeah... "shake your bootie" :)
    nice pics!! and nice musik! who is it??

    best wishes from the other side of the world to the 5 of you!


  3. OOhh! Soul is walking!! My son started walking yesterday and he's16 months old!

    Congrats from Spain!

  4. She is an early walker! Hooray!

    Have a lovely weekend, my dear.

    Make sure you head over to Real Moms Real Views and enter the give away for one of my personalized piggy banks!

  5. bela says BRAVO! U GUYS R THE BEST!!!!!!

  6. my older daughter would not eat baby food, and was exclusively breastfed until she was 9 1/2 months old -- AND she walked at 9 months. weird coincidence!

    my advice to you, if soul is like my maddie, is to get ready to chase her for the rest of your life. my girl is 14 now, and i am constantly racing to keep up with her! (mentally, physically, emotionally). lucky for me, my younger daughter is a steady soul, and i have a nice balance in my family.

  7. I just came across your beautiful blog. love it. thanks for sharing:)

  8. Soul is walking! How wonderful! Love these little videos and your cute family.

  9. soulie is crazy! she was standing on her own so early, so it was inevitable that she'd be walking early too. i think it's the breastmilk... yes, she has super powers! :)

  10. soulie is crazy! she was standing on her own so early, so it was inevitable that she'd be walking early too. i think it's the breastmilk... yes, she has super powers! :)

  11. oh look at that little creature!

    My girls looked to the video, wanted to see more, looked to all three of them and decided that they wanted to play with your girls. So in case you want to know (and I), we are coming over this afternoon. (one little detail we live in Belgium... :-s) Have a nice day!

  12. came across your blog a little while and just wanted to share my appreciation of your effort. [:

    and congratulations on Soul! [:

  13. They're so cute!
    I'd like to invite you to visit my husband's new photography blog (finally convinced him to create one).
    This is the link if you want to stop by, you're more than welcome.

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  14. I love love love your videos! Please keep them coming, they are my favorite.

  15. Bravo!!!!
    I love your blog!

  16. Hope you are all having a great weekend - love the video and music choice too!

  17. Your kids are the funniest!! And whoaa, Soul! :D :D All three of `em are growing up so beautifully. Well done to you and Ben! ♥

  18. gorgeous video! I watched this with my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Evie. She kept saying 'Where's Soul?'
    She loves singing 'shake your bootie' too!


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