June 3, 2010

vintage scores

This 1930's/40's vintage lace dress and it fits me perfectly... so wonderful.
1930's/40's lace dress
I want to marry Ben again and wear this dress in a small garden wedding. Hmm... we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month, so maybe a teeny wedding could be recreated. That would be fun! Plus, it is always nice to reaffirm those vows again.

Also scored this vintage child bathing suit. Why can't they make more swimsuits like these?
vintage child bathing suit
Ebay and etsy, oh how I love you! Sometimes, most times, you have just the best things!

Have you found any good vintage things lately?


  1. Oooh, I bought the prettiest vintage curtain that I can't wait to make something out of. Here's the link to my blog where I featured it: http://mandiesmumblings.blogspot.com/2010/05/our-sunday.html

  2. i can already imagine your wedding with your creativity....i bet you will pull it off & I can't wait to see it when you do it...it will be amazing I just know it.Now you will have to put a wedding on your to do list (we'll all beg you to do so now) :) ....and your girls could be the flower girls....how cute! your garden area is amazing and then you can hang your garlands....boy would it be amazing and low cost. ;)

  3. Holy cow, that dress is stupendous!! I stand behind your vow renewal idea, for the sheer fact this dress deserves an OCCASION.

  4. Sweet finds! I've been searching for vintage dresses and swimsuits as well, but I can't seem to find one that'll push me to go ahead and get it. Maybe it's just me being picky. High five to you though! :D

  5. you're right vintage swimsuits are a beauty! and that dress is so lovely!
    Happy anniversary:)

  6. oohh!! that dress is too lovely! renewing your vows is a lovely idea.

    my 6 year anniversary is just around the corner too.

  7. A dress that great needs a vow renewal to show it off! Great finds! I got some nice vintage pyrex pieces not too long ago. I love a good vintage find, especially when they are scored at thrift store prices!

  8. that dress is GORGEOUS! yes, please do a 5 year wedding!!! ;)

    i think i will do a mini wedding each year once nick and i get married just so i can get pretty dresses like this, hehe. JUST KIDDING.

  9. cute suit. I picked up more vintage glasses for my to-happen lemonade/iced tea party I want to have this summer. Also picked up a little red dish for my jewelry that I'm loving looking at.

  10. I seriously want that suit in my size! looks like it has some hips on it doesn't it?

    love the dress!

  11. Just came across your blog and am loving it! Great vintage finds definitely lift our spirits as well.


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