June 7, 2010

a little piñata

At the community picnic yesterday, there was a piñata for all the kids, but with my girls being really shy, they did not want to participate. Though, as soon as we came home, True headed to her room to retrieve the little piñata that their grandmama got for them and she was trying to hang it so she and Brave could play. Ben and I decided to up their game a bit and actually put some goodies in it, hang it from the top of the stairs, and let them have a go at their own little piñata party. They had a blast!
the pinatathe pinatabrave and the pinatathe pinatatrue hitting the pinatathe pinata
I am glad my girls had fun having their own little piñata party at home. Maybe, we should practice with home piñata parties all the time, so they will be pros the next time they see one at a party!

Hello Monday!


  1. Sounds like fun, we also did some pinata hitting our house last saturday for Sofia's birthday party.

  2. they are so cute! i wish i had a pinata too at home!

  3. what a great rainy day activity!

  4. AWE! so cute. my girls get all shy at parties too, but i KNOW they are not shy at all!!

  5. Pinatas are fun to make, too! We blow up a big balloon, get out the papier mache and have some gloopy fun! Leave a little place in the back uncovered so you have a place to pop the balloon and fill it.

    After it dries, I let them paint it and cover it in stickers or crepe paper or whatever they dream up.

    We always make one in the days leading up to Christmas and we read Nine Days to Christmas and then break our pinata.

  6. Pinatas are a big deal in our house and since I am Hispanic, even if I am third generation and don't know how to speak Spanish, I love keeping that tradition alive. My son already knows he wants a motorcyle pinata for his next b-day party. We will see how that turns out since I will be making it. Wish me luck.

  7. oh, wow, your blog is an inspiration for me...love it!

  8. Your girls seem so full of love and life! It's great to see them having such fun. I'm sure it was a blast for the two of you too :)

  9. LOVE this post! LOVE your blog!
    Geneviève =)

  10. How fun! It looks like a successful pinata party! I am relatively new to your blog and love it. I'd love it if you'd stop by the Southern Institute and say hello!



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