May 7, 2010

i hope

Soul and a rainbow swiss chard leaf. Yes, it really is that big!
we must win a prize
I seriously hope our Summer harvest of tomatoes will be just as successful as this past season's harvest. If so, that means we will be having the biggest tomatoes in the whole wide world! Just imagine... tomatoes the size of Soul!!! That would be definitely something to blog about. But for now, we will continue to enjoy the swiss chard, kale, and carrots that we have left (and we are still waiting for the brussels sprouts to be done growing).

My wish this weekend is to make it back to the beach for some breakfast and some playing in the sand, to eat a couple Sprinkles cupcakes, and maybe a trip to Anthropologie (it is a wish) just for some looking around, but if something makes its way to the register... well, it is my day, right?!! Right. Wishes can come true. So Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there! Make sure you get pampered like crazy by your kids and husband... tell them I said so.

p.s. a new sponsor introduction and giveaway this weekend.


  1. oh my goodness, that leaf is huge!! what a funny picture! hope you have a fabulous mother's day!!! you should probably go ahead and treat yourself at anthro -- you deserve it!

  2. That leaf IS huge! I hope you have a great mother's day : )

  3. Have a Happy Mother's day!!!

  4. That picture is hilarious, and I can't get enough of Soul pictures. :) I'm so jealous that you grew that! (both things, I guess, haha)

  5. wow! you're garden is truly blessed!
    reminds me of a little place called Almolonga, Guatemala.

  6. happy mommy's day! :) how many cupcakes is a "couple"?? :) i can't wait to hear about the wonderful things truey, bravey, and soulie (and ben) have planned for you!

  7. how interesting... i never knew that silver beet was called 'swiss chard' in the US. i'll add that to biscuits/cookies, rubbish/trash, sneakers/trainers, duvet/comforter..etc,etc :)
    happy mother's day to you too!
    Dee xo

  8. If you make it out to the beach area you should really try Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Its on Wilshire and I think miles better than Sprinkles. THey also have baby cupcakes so you can try lots of flavors!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  9. Since I got a sewing machine for Mother's Day, it is now time to start following your blog. :)


  10. Did you let Soul have a nibble of tha?


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