April 21, 2010

spring dreaming

What do I do while I am laying down feeding Soul? I do some online window shopping. Safe, but fun.
dresses i dream of

skirts i dream of

shoes i dream of

Online shopping is fun, isn't it?!! What are you spring dreaming about?


  1. oh karen! i have been wanting some swedish hasbeens!!! and some stripes too, but just haven't found the right ones.

  2. Love it! I've already told my husband I want the green Beda dress for Mother's Day! :)

  3. I just got some clogs from VAMP shoes chica for my b-day! on Hillhurst.
    I will post about them today

  4. I love all your dress and skirt picks! I often go to Fashion Island (since were like 10 mins away) and just go to look at all the beautiful dresses at Anthropologie and dream. Since I really cant stand the thought of spending that much on a dress for me, but maybe soon! We do have Mother's day, our anniversary and my Birthday all coming up in the next two months!

  5. i love anthropologie too!!! that green dress is to die for!

  6. That all-blue dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    Be sure to check out my first ever giveaway over at my blog!


  7. omg! they have a GREEN beda dress??? they didn't have it when i purchased the cream one! get the green one. :) we'll be anthro beda dress twins! :)

    btw, i am a professional online window shopper... you know me!

  8. ahhh i LOVE that green dress! i want it sooo bad!!! online shopping is great.. but dangerous, b/c it makes me REALLY want to foreal shop!

  9. hey Ruby!

    I saw in your other post that they sold out of the avery cut out platform. if you're not big on brands, they have a shoe very similar to that here:


    and for half the price! the only thing is that they only have them in 5.5!

    Hope that helps!


  10. kriss- i am totally not big on brands and ben found that store too! but i don't think i can get my foot into a 5.5. trust me... i debated! haha...thanks for thinking of me!

  11. Cute dresses,skirts and sandals! I love online window shopping too. :)


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