April 13, 2010

polaroid tuesday: week fourteen

week fourteen
The wedding was beautiful, over 600 ft of bunting got sewn and was flying high above (and around) the festivities, now I am just chillaxing and trying to get my house back into working order. Be back soon, promise.

A little late, but winners were announced and don't forget current giveaways below.


  1. wowzers...thats alot of bunting! hope your chillaxing is going well! you might be interested in my first ever give-away...would fit your darling Soul perfectly...a 70's wallpaper print kimono top! :)

  2. Ohhh lovely :) I am actually in the middle of planning out my tonz and tonz of bunting for my own wedding and I was planning on sewing three layers (front and back and then white in the middle) but yours look look really light and free and fluttery and maybe like they didn't take as long as what I'm thinking (though I know they took forever!) So... to my point, would you mind sharing how you made yours?

  3. that is c-razy. but so festive & beautiful! great job!

  4. love that pic, reminds me of summer!

  5. that is some serious bunting but i am sure it looked ammmazing!!! what did you do with it after the wedding?? any shop updates ;)

  6. Wow, i love the picture!


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