April 23, 2010

from my diana mini

This here is just a few favorites from my first roll ever using my Diana mini. I got a lot of ones that were not too great, but the good ones I got, I love. When I showed Brave her picture she said, "Mommy, there's two Braveys!"
she's got a twinmy sister dancingsoul
Weekend is here, alas! We have some grand plans since it is True's birthday on Monday, but it will be celebrated all weekend. I am hoping to make a trip to the doctor today to figure out this stomach, so I will not be in pain during the weekend. True is pretty excited about her birthday too! My baby is turning 4!!! That is such a big sounding number. No more hint of baby in my little girl. Time flies... times flies. Wow.

Have a grand weekend and be back tomorrow as I introduce another fun sponsor!


  1. you did a great job capturing them on film! i absolutely love the first image!

  2. What cool pictures. I love how you did that.

    Quick question. I have a relatively new blog and have some friends that have small businesses and they asked to be a sponsor. Can you tell me exactly what the roll of a sponsor is and what do you give them and what do they give you for this sponsorship?



  3. AWESOME pictures!

    Don't forget about my first ever giveaway over at my blog!

  4. I think you're absolutely amazing.
    I found your blog by googling "polaroid" and finding your post about your friends' engagement. I then decided to go start reading, though i think I've only seen a couple or more pages. But you're so amazing. You make me dream for something so happy that is your life, from reading your blog. There is just so much happiness. I may be only 16, but I want to be living what you're living :) (of course at... a much more appropriated age)

  5. Tell True Happy Birthday...I, too will be celebrating this weekend...I turn 40.
    Turning 4 sounds so much cuter.

  6. Awesome photos! Now where to find this in Canada... seems to always be my question of the day!

    Happy birthday to True! My daughter is turning 2 on Sunday and we're celebrating all weekend too. Hope you all have a great one!

  7. very fun pics. Hope they can figure out what's wrong with your stomach.

  8. I bought a Diana mini back in January.. I never remember to use it. I'm happy you showed your results. Your children are adorable!

  9. Oh! Such wonderful photographs! This actually inspired me to go and buy a Diana Mini. While I love the convenience of digital - the romance and surprise of analog has long been out of my life - and I want to bring that back in for my little girl.


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