March 24, 2010

more of our garden

There is just an abundance in our vegetable beds right now. We spent yesterday evening harvesting and caring for our little vegetable garden. We are in awe of it all and are so thankful to God for allowing this mini vegetable aisle in our very own backyard! No need for us to buy any veggies from the grocery store, homegrown is better!
romanesco broccoli
{romanesco broccoli}

orange cauliflower
{orange cauliflower}

{regular broccoli}

{parisian carrots}

parisian carrotmore beets
{chiogga beets}

chiogga beetgolden beets
{golden beets}

brussels sprouts
{brussels sprouts}

hello mr. gardener
{rutabagas, my hot husband, turnips}


parisian carrots
{parisian carrots}

We took some inside, cleaned them up, and had some for dinner. It is kinda cool to eat things from your very own backyard!

I am sure you have figured out we like to eat pretty healthy, but we do indulge now and then, though it is all done in moderation. Plus, I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I need my desserts every once in awhile. A big reason we are like this is because Ben is a dietitian.

When we started dating, he just started going back to school to get his masters in nutritional science and was already eating healthy. After about 9 months of dating, I lost 12 pounds (and it stayed off until I had kids) because of all the healthy eating I was doing when we were together. Talk about a weight loss system that works! I guess it makes a difference if you cut out all the crappy food in your life. Now, he currently works for a local hospital teaching health education and creates nutrition lesson plans for a local school district. Therefore, he definitely practices what he preaches and makes sure his family does too (though I do sneak in bad stuff every so often)! All this to say, if you want to lose weight... date or marry a dietitian! Kidding. Okay, maybe just a little bit serious.

I love our garden and my hot gardener, but I love the God who allows this all to happen even more!


  1. Wow! Your garden is such a work of art....definitely God is amazing in creating such beauties in your own backyard! We have been working on cleaning up our new garden area, but I think we'll start with a small garden to see how it goes....I also need to convince my husband to get something to protect our garden from the deer and other creatures that come to our backyard....especially at night.Your garden really inspires me that I can do it,too.Plus,I really want my kids to eat healthier....I have really bad eating habits & a husband that loves healthy food and it drives me nuts when he tells me to eat like him.....I'm just not accustomed to the taste but I do agree being married to someone who eats healthy does help you to lose wieght.I wish we had a yard when my kids were little b/c I'm sure your girls love the is so colorful.too. :)

  2. such incredibly beautiful photos, i want to have a garden like this one day!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I really like the freshly pulled carrot pic. I love to see God's creations growing. Thanks for sharing! A small garden of my own would be awesome!

  4. wow, you have an abundant garden! love the pictures! all we grow in our garden is green onions and i love it - i love being able to just go outside and snip some off to throw into meals! i hope to be able to grow more veggies and fruits in the upcoming years!

  5. Those all look rather amazing! What a treat to have so many veggies grown.

    I love vegetable gardens.
    They make me smile and now i'm hungry! :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. what a beautiful post! these photos are amazing! i love your garden, i wish we had one too!

  8. I wish I could grow a garden right now. It is still freezing every night here (high desert oregon), I love the shot of romanesco broccoli! so pretty!

  9. I think it really is a talent to be able to grow vegetables. I believe in the green thumb. I think those parisian carrots are the cutest things I've ever seen :)

  10. the photo of the broccoli is gorgeous! since you two are into a healthy lifestyle - you should come over to my blog, and check out this week's ongoing feature: Eco-Clean How-To Week!

    It's loaded with recipes, tips for natural cleaning/living, and giveaways!

    art is vital. love is vital. shopping is vital.

  11. LOVE your garden, is it all organic, do you use any special fertilizer? Wondering how to get that to work in Texas's erratic weather??? Have ya'll watched Jayme Oliver's new show, just wondering what you think? I think its awesome what he's doing but that he has a long road ahead of him:)

  12. Aww, love this post :) Lucky you for being able to have a garden like this!!! I wish, but we are in an apartment...some day! :)

  13. Nothing tastes better than vegetables from your own garden.
    It's really true. At Villa Augustus (the place where i work when i'm not making stools) there is a giant vegetable garden where they grow food for the restaurant. It's delicious. Your photo's are brilliant!

  14. What a funny little plant those Parisian Carrots are! I'm so impressed by ya'lls garden. I bet it is so nice just going outside to get ingredients. God is so good to make the very ground provide for us!

  15. Wow, everything looks so crisp and fresh. I hate buying veggies or fruit and then they seriously rot two days later. Obviously they're not very healthy by that point, anyway (when you buy them, not when they're rotten). :) I keep going back and forth on a garden. I've wanted one for years, but had another baby and put it off, then we weren't sure if we're going to be able to keep the house, and we still don't know. What to do? I can't believe you're harvesting, though; it's only now warming up here in Idaho, only one state over.

  16. so what you're saying is a I should have married a dietitian... oh well, too late. I still love my fried food-loving forensic scientist.

  17. um... that looks DELICIOUS! :) but should we maybe NOT tell ben that we are having yummy paris baguette tomorrow??? :D

  18. Your garden is so great!! I need to get started too....

  19. so beautiful! gardening makes me happy and i'm thankful for our God too.

  20. Your garden is AMAZING!!! These pictures are making me hungry.

    I just want you to know that I LOVE your blog. Not to sound like a big weirdo, but you make me excited for the day mine and my husband's family grows. It's just so inspiring to see someone who loves being a mom and is so, so happy doing it. You have a simple and lovely life, but I guess God can help do things like that.


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