March 19, 2010

DIY: the flower garland

The perfect little accent for spring. Just make and hang, and it adds a bit of cheer to any little place!

Materials needed:
- 24 - 4'' fabric squares
- 6' long twine (or could use yarn or string)
- sewing machine (can do it by hand, but easier with a machine)

How to make:
1. Cut some fabric into 4'' squares for a total of 24 squares for 6 flowers. Cut more squares if want to put more flowers on the line.
4 inch squares

2. Stagger 4 square pieces of fabric on top of each other (can do more if you want a thicker flower).
layer on top of each other

3. Fold the entire stack in half.
fold in half

4. Fold stack again in quarters.
fold in quarters
5. Cut a 6' long piece of twine (or longer if want a longer garland).
6. About 6'' from the end of the twine, place the twine over the flower's folded end and zig zag stitch (and backstitch) the flower on to the twine.
7. Repeat step 6 about every 8''-10'' for each flower. Can space the flowers closer or farther apart from each other. Do as you think is best for you as you can even use a longer piece of twine.
zig zag stitch

8. Fluff flowers up a bit and hang somewhere that will make you smile!
spring garland
Have fun crafting these simple things up! I have three of these little garlands in the shop if you want it!

I have lots on my to-do list, but never enough time to do everything. Anyone else feeling that way lately? I feel this way all the time now with three kids. Heck, I think I felt that way with just two! I wish there were two of me! One of me to take care of all my babycakies, Ben, and the house stuff and another one to take care of all the other things (i.e. taxes and emails). Yup... tax time is coming and that always stresses me out! I guess that is why I need to lean on Christ more because alone I am definitely insufficient.

Happy weekend all!!! Don't worry as next week I will show you how to do the cupcake in a jar and tomorrow there will be another sponsor welcome.


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely tutorial. I think I am going to try to make a garland this weekend myself.

    Happy weekend and greetings from rainy Germany, Elisa

  2. that's a VERY sweet and simple garland - although everything looks simple, right? i know cutting all those little squares is time-consuming ; )

    i hear you on the wishing you had clones (sometimes-particularly around end of March - Mid-April)...i am exceptionally busy with my baby girl (well, she's actually nearly two - so you know what that means), my blog has become my work, me etsy shop; and thankfully - my social life.

    how do we all keep it together?

    love your blog - and looking forward to cupcakes in jars!

    if you want to learn about spring cleaning with a handmade twist - check out my blog beginning today-26th!


  3. Lovely little garland. Thanks for sharing in your "extra time".

  4. What a sweet and simple garland tutorial that looks so cute! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  5. I just love this and am so glad you shared how to create it. Thank you for sharing so many inspiring ideas!!

  6. This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing your how-to!!!
    Looking forward to the cake in a jar how-to next week..

    Jodie :)

  7. I was trying to figure out the cupcake in a jar. I'm SO excited to hear how you did it.

    And your fabric garland has prompted me to get my act together for our tissue paper garland. Your my 'dining room' garland role model!

  8. Love the flower garland, but love even more the 3 little cakie-flowers below! ^^

    Oh, Ruby, don't evem mention feeling like 24h isn't enough in one day, because I feel like this with just ONE cute girl... Can't imagine when I have more too!!

    Kisses from Rio!

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  10. I can't wait for your cupcake in a jar tutorial! I'm hoping to have these at my sister's bridal shower as well. I'd also really appreciate if you include your favorite (and hopefully healthy-ish) red velvet cake recipe!

  11. Ooo! I really like this idea! I'm redoing my room soon and I might try to incorporate this into whatever I do. :)

  12. I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing, I am going to give these a shot.

  13. hello ruby :)
    i love your blog.
    and i love this garland. simple is always better.
    p.s. did you make the colorful afghan in the picture of your beautiful girls?

  14. nice fabrics. so cute the baby look at your creativity on the wall :)

    - Singapore Florist


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