February 15, 2010

he likes to kiss me

Little did I know, that my Friday post was a big part his love day surprise for me. I had no idea that he was gonna make it all about kisses, yet that is what I blogged about. We are definitely on the same page. So Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for church, True and Brave marched in holding a bunch of flowers from their Papi to me.


Then, Benny came in and handed me a box with a note...
start of love day
In the box, was a dress that he picked out himself. It is now my favorite dress.

Soon after putting the dress on, Ben gave this note...
a statistic
Which was followed by this note...
the first kiss
And of course a peck on the lips. I was finally starting to get the theme of the day. Then it clicked, tulips = two lips.

All day long, in all different places, I was given a note followed by the appropriate kiss, so there were kisses...
some kisses

And more kisses...
more kisses

And even more kisses...
even more kisses

Plus more kisses...
some more kisses

And more kisses...
a lot more kisses

There was just kisses galore...
a whole lot of kisses
I never knew there were so many different ways to kiss, but oh boy, I have opened my eyes to a whole new world of kissing.

I loved each and every kiss. Each and every single one was special and fun. Though, I do have my favorites. One of which is the fireworks, which you both kiss with pop rocks in your mouth and boy does it really feel and sound like fireworks. Amazing. Or the altoid, in which an altoid was transferred from his mouth to mine and it was such a fresh and minty kiss. Another fun kiss was the sip and trickle, that one made me tingle. I could go on and on about my favorites, but that would take all night as there were lots to choose from as there were 35 different kisses in all!

Here is a nice little list of all the kisses:
the fairytale
the spiderman
the altoid
the mini vac
the doggy
the wall
the cheek
the smacker
the Italian
the tiger
the tongue war
the neck
the forehead
the sailor
the soul
the butterfly
the around-the-world
the lip-o-suction
the peck
the sip and the trickle
the hummingbird
the chin
the chocolate
the virtual
the fireworks
the shoulder
the take my breath away
the lip
the nibble
the hand
the flutter
the whisper
the full monty
the spelling bee
the Eskimo

And here are just a few that we caught on one of my many cameras that we had with us yesterday.

the nibble
the nibble

the mini vac.
the mini vac

the flutter.
the flutter

the Eskimo
the eskimo

the sailor.
the sailor
Kissing Ben has always been one of my most favorite pastimes, but now we get to take it to a whole other level. Tonight when he came home from work, I requested the around the world, and the around the world is what I got. He even told me that he saved a few kisses and that I will get them when I least expect it. I love my Benny a whole lot!

My goal: To have spent way more than 2 weeks of kissing Ben in my lifetime.


  1. be still my heart...that's the sweetest thing i've ever read.

    you guys & your babies are just adorable. ♥



  3. OK, I need to know where your husband got this list of different kisses!!
    He definitely is an events man :D lucky you!

  4. that is the sweetest thing i think i have ever heard!

    i found your blog a few days ago from cait at in company with sparkles, and i've been perusing your archives...your family is so beautiful. if it isn't too personal a question, are those your daughters' real names? it's lovely, i've never heard such original given names before.

  5. amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!!!! i am speechless, once again...

  6. I saw you featured in Artful Blogging and decided to check out your blog. I am truly inspired.
    Quick question, I went to the film site where you purchase your film for the polaroid 600 series camera. All of the film says out of stock. Have you had this problem. Are they often out of stock? Do they replenish. Please help.

  7. okay, i just wish that my husband read this post of yours haha.. happy v day :)

  8. aw, you guys are too cute! I loved his them, the lovely dress (and boots!), and your better together book. I always look forward to the creativity you guys shower each other with ♥

  9. aah that's truly one of the sweetest and cutest things i've ever heard!
    it makes me happy to read and see how happy you and your family are...


  10. I love this post!!
    ps- thanks for telling me where to get the polaroid film. My boyfriend loved it :)

  11. You two are so creative and so perfect for each other!

  12. Really creative you two! Shine on!

  13. Wow! You must have the most creative family EVER! This is so sweet and genius.

  14. he's so sweet. Love that dress- and look at you mama- You're looking all pre-baby and stuff!

  15. this is the absolute COOOOOLEST Valentine's I've heard about

  16. hana- ben just googled different kisses and got it from all over the internet and put together his own little list.

  17. I'm lovin' that dress, but I love that ya'll are so sweet to each other even more. It's soooo cute!

  18. you 2 are toooo cute. ben you know ruby so well, LOVE the anthro dress! love everything!!

    lol lol lol linda is so hilarious. but seriously, how did you get that shot?


  19. You are sooo freaking lucky! That's wonderful that your man spends so much time making things for you, doing things you love, and giving you sweet gifts! You are such a sweet couple! I can only hope that my marriage will be as sweet! :)

  20. haha aw how fun! What a thoughtful fella :)

  21. are you kissing on the freeway?! haha
    happy valentines day!

  22. Amazing! Your dress is so pretty and it looks so pretty on you.You look so beautiful after having 3 kids! I see you like to live dangerously....kissing on the highway...you could get run over doing that over here.Crazy! :) Soul is growing oh so fast & starting to look more like her sisters....I just can't get over her head full of beautiful hair!Ruby, you are just so amazing...you have captured the entire blogosphere with your lovely family! If only I could be half as popular as you. :)

  23. danni- we used a gorilla pod and attached to the car window and set up the timer. haha!

    yes all, we are kissing on the freeway! on the side of the freeway! ben likes to be adventurous!

    renee- thank you so much! but really, like i have said before, i am not perfect and have plenty of flaws. but thank you for being so sweet and complimentary!

  24. you guys are darling. i would hope he's redeemed himself from the fight now!
    so romantic and so cute!

  25. Ah, how sweet! You guys sure look great together! And I just love your babies they are adorable!

  26. jen- yes! he definittely has! i don't even remember what fight now! haha...

  27. All I'm saying is that your husband gets 100 million trillion points for creativity and romanticality (and yes, I think I just made up that word;).

    This is what every girl dreams her boy will one day be resourceful enough to come up with. You are lucky lucky lucky!

    Sara Sophia

  28. awe! so sweet.... i love they way all the cards were typed up.

    that ben is quite crafty in his own right!

  29. what a great post. I really enjoy reading this post. application migration

  30. This post certainly made me smile. I'll have to give some (all) of these kisses a try on my man.

    p.s. I was wondering where you can get Polaroid film? Do you use 600 film or sx-70?

  31. That is the best Valentine's story I have heard yet...

  32. I have just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love. I love your creativity, you love for your family (including your husband), and the way you express yourself. I feel a little bit like I have found a long lost sister. Thank you for your contribution to this world. You are a gem.

  33. wow. this is just so absolutely wonderful!

  34. Just wanted to let you know I used this idea this valentines day and liked to this on my blog. Thanks for the great inspiration. My husband loved it.



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