February 4, 2010

friends again

Sorry to kinda recycle this picture as it was from my most recent Polaroid Tuesday, but I liked it, so I am sharing it. I also really love this vintage tablecloth that is on. I just love the pink, greens, and yellows. It is a perfect mix and perfect for love day.
i love cookies and polaroids
Good news. Ben and I are friends again. God softened my heart, though I must say I really kept fighting for it to not get softened. Though, I did hear a quote from a sermon recently that said, "bitterness is the poison you drink, hoping somebody dies from it." It went something like that. Basically, bitterness is no good. I kept thinking that yesterday as I was battling holding a big grudge against my husband. It felt good to be mad, but at the same time, I know it wasn't what was loving. Loving him or loving God. Darn it. I was just really super mad though, but I couldn't hold onto my anger forever.

In a marriage, there definitely needs to be God and a lot of grace and forgiveness. I am also blessed to have friends who listened to me rant and rave about my feelings and point me towards the cross. Well, as much as I was super-duper mad at Ben, I am glad we are friends now. I still love him.

Back to the regular scheduled happy stuff tomorrow. Thanks folks for listening!

P.S. As requested, here is the link to the jam thumbprint recipe, but instead of one print, I used two to make the heart!


  1. glad you're feeling better! i struggle with the same thing, only i'm usually mad for no good reason.

  2. Thank you for being honest about your relationship! It's nice to know that you make mess ups too! My fiance and I really struggle with this sometimes....well, I struggle with it. What helps me is if I remember to say in my head, "Tim's not my enemy. Satan is my enemy and we're supposed to be fighting against him, not each other." And sometimes When we're fighting, I force myself to hold his hand. He never pulls away and always appreciates it. I pray that God will help us both!

  3. i just wanted to say your blog is such an encouragement to me! i'm not married, but i am thrilled for what God has planned for me, and reading about your marriage makes me even more thrilled.

    you've also inspired me to learn how to sew and improve my knitting, i'd love to be able to provide for my family in that way.

    i can't wait to meet who God has planned for me, and i hope i'm as enamored with him as you are with your ben.

    bless you, sister.

  4. Ruby, I often find myself in the same place; being bitter, holding a grudge, doling out anger...and it is usually directed at my husband. Somehow, God has sent a reminder to my heart, to let it go, to know what is really important - showing love, and giving love. Grace is everything!
    I was really hoping you were going to post the recipe for those yummy-looking cookies!!!

    Love! Jenny

  5. Thanks for writing your blog. It's nice to read something relatable and I like your honesty. Your quote reminded me of something that a friend had to tell me repeatedly awhile back, "bitter isn't better." As simple as it is true I end up repeating that numerous times per week. Reminding myself that being bitter isn't going to solve anything always helps me to put things into perspective.
    Again, thanks for giving me something to look forward to read each day

    Love, Laur

  6. I'm a new reader but Loving your blog-thank you the honesty and authenticity, and glad things are happy again

    ps...did you make those cookies!??! post the recipe pretty, pretty please?? =)

  7. After 17 years with C, I learned that you either grow together or grow apart... make sure you each understand the other. You may not always agree but you should always respect their point of view. C always says I'm the "spice" when things like that happen!!! ;)

  8. Amen sister! I am currently frustrated with my husband, but this is a good reminder that to forgive. and move on. Thanks.

  9. What are you talking about you crazy lady?! John and I are never going to fight! :) hahahah get ready for some goooooooood stories! :) love you.

  10. i don't know the back-story here since i just started following your blog, but in any case, it is refreshing to hear such an honest post... i am so glad to hear you've let go of your bitterness. like you said, it is no good!

    i look forward to reading more from your blog!!

  11. I just added a link to the recipe on my post! and yes, bitterness is no good! i like the saying "bitter is not better." that is a good reminder too. i am sure if there was less bitterness in this world, more love would surely abound.

  12. I love-ity love love your blog, but especially your openess and honesty about your faith and struggles. It's nice to come across other Christian bloggers with style. :)

  13. oh! God's good grace transforming us IS the happy stuff! you convince us. thank you.

  14. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I really love it. Glad you can be so honest about your struggles in marriage--it can be hard sometimes! Looks like you guys definitely moved on and had a fab. Valentine's Day with lots of kisses.


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