November 13, 2009

for her sweet head

I am in the throes of last minute nesting, trying to make sure everything is right and done for the impending arrival. Technically, I am due in 4 weeks, but my pattern has always been to go early, so we will see. Nevertheless, it is fun preparing the little things for the newest addition to our family and naturally, Brave and True will say, "Can you make us one too?" And of course, I can't turn them down, so making them some little hats are also on the agenda. 
to keep warm and cozy
to keep warm and cozyto keep warm and cozyto keep warm and cozy
I am excited for the weekend as we will be crossing more things off this "things to do before baby arrives list." Hurray!!!

As for the shop, I will be taking out most things and leaving only the ready-mades. I have somethings I still need to put up, but was having too much fun sewing for baby, I didn't take pictures. I must prioritize, you know. I will put them up when I have a chance though, maybe next week. They are just some necklaces and a couple other things. Well, have a fantastic weekend friends and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another wonderful sponsor giveaway...


  1. So cute! love the hats! Yay for the end of pregnancy. Good luck! Can't wait to see your bundle of joy :)

  2. beautiful, adorable, brilliant, way too cute. I would say the ruffle one is my favorite....but I think I'd be happy to wear any of those.
    - dana

  3. Such cute hats for your little ones....I agree with Linda, I can't wait to see your little one and what fun things you do with the new baby cakes.Have you seen Emily Falconbridge's blog where she made a fabric scrapbook to record everything for the baby...I would love to see what yours would look like.You really should turn your blog into a book so I don't have to keep going back to the archives to drool over your posts. :)

  4. i am immediately inspired to make one for my friend who is due in three weeks! they are all so adorable! did you just make up the pattern yourself?

  5. Those are the cutest hats! 4 weeks?! How exciting!

  6. Those are adorable. You are so creative and inspiring. This gives me a great idea for my new blog - sew much love.


  7. I love your blog. I found you a few weeks back. Your pictures are so inspiring. And, these hats are all so pretty!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Oh, Ruby! They are just precious. I love the yellow ruffled one the most, but they are all beautiful.

    You are in my prayers as you get ready to face "the ring of fire", as I like to call it. Or, hate to call it, I should say.

    Have a lovely maternity leave. We will all be eagerly awaiting your return, I assure you :O)

    Hugs, Susan

  9. Oh those little hats for little baby heads. I think my head might like a hat like that tooo.

  10. HI!

    I've been following your blog for a while now, and just thought I'd pop in to say hi! The hats are adorable!

    And I'm due in a little under 4 weeks! What is your due date? Mine is December 6th, but the dr. is pretty certain we are going to go early as well.

    Thanks for always having such beautiful blog posts! You are very creative and talented!

  11. Geez Loise are those cute! They look like they would be from the Anthropologie baby hat collection if there was such a thing.

  12. adore the hats! you are so talented and cute! good luck with the new baby girl!

  13. Those hats are so cute. I can already imagine them on a little baby's head :-)

  14. thanks everyone!!! i went hat crazy and made 3 more yesterday!!! this little one's head will be covered all the time! though, i am almost sure she will outgrow some of them fast as i made them tiny cause my babies come out really tiny!

  15. Those hats are adorable! Do they have a future in your shop? :) I would LOVE one for my little girl!



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