November 16, 2009

crazy bird

This weekend definitely was lots of crossing off my "to-do list before baby is born." It's coming and everyday I get more excited and nervous, and just try to get more of my list done. I was able to make a few more hats, my nursing cover, tons of burp cloths (thanks to a little guidance from Rachel) and some baby outfits, which I will show soon. With all this nesting, Ben is just saying I am crazy!
more little hatsnursing coverburp cloth ready
One of the biggest things now off my list was to take our family photos. I really can't wait to share those as I love how they turned out just from the few that I have seen! Last time we took family photos was when I was pregnant with Brave, then I went into labor 2 days later as that was one of the last things off my to-do list, so maybe just maybe.

Then, yesterday I was surprised with the most loveliest of things from my husband. If you think my Mother's Day surprise was awesome, wait until you see what Ben planned yesterday, but my surprise continues tonight, so I will share more when it is all completed. I woke up this morning and just hugged my husband tight as he is just so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! God really knows best when he paired me up with my Benny!!!

The weekend was just so dreamy and such a wonderful way to end last week and start this week. Only good things are ahead...

Happy Monday everyone as I am off to continue this crazy bird syndrome and keep nesting...


  1. Can't wait to see what Benny planned for you!

    Super-cute burp cloths.

  2. Better then the mother day surprise?? Im intrigued!

  3. I look forward to see the surprise. And everything you made is so cute. That nesting pays off big time! :-)

  4. i love your birth cloths! that fabric is sooooo pretty.

    i am too, too, too excited to see what your surprise was!!!

  5. so found you via Smile and Wave via JenRenee. hahaa
    And I am so glad I did! I absolutely love your creations and your blog. Def adding you to my blog roll! OH and you are so cute and so is your whole family! ;D

  6. Hi Rubyellen, I just found your blog via "Artful Blogging". I really like your have a new follower!

  7. I cannot wait to see your surprise...your life is so fun! I also love all the baby goodies you made...especially the burp cloths....they are so much better looking than store bought ones. :)


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