November 5, 2009


My little ballerina.
my little ballerina

Her little ballerina. 

My ballerina is perfect for me. Her ballerina is perfect for her. 
Our little True had her first recital yesterday. It was cute and special and my eye make-up was ruined because I was laughing so hard at all the cute kids and their moves that my eyes kept crying. Teeny girls dancing are just darn cute! 

Our little treat for our little ballerina was a mama-made one of her own. She is treasuring her so much and she calls her Ballerina True. It melts my heart. It took me forever to make that teeny doll tutu. I definitely have a higher level of appreciation for tutu makers all around, especially the lovely maker of True's. Making a tutu is hard, hard work, but for my little True it was all worth it! 


  1. oh my gosh, these pictures are darling! my god daughter needs a doll like that.

  2. So adorable!! I think your tutu looks great.

  3. soooo cute ruby!

    have you looked at a tutu tutorial? the one i have followed is so simple.

    anyway. ballerina true and ballerina true proper are both so beautiful. i know i'll be crying if ever eleanor is in a dance recital someday ;O)

    hugs, susan

  4. TOO CUTE!
    I can't wait to have babies so you can make some dolls for them! :)
    love ya

  5. very, very sweet. There is nothing like little girls dancing. A friend's sister liken it to watching puppies in a pet store -- you can never get enough.

  6. this is so, so sweet i can't even stand it... love that little doll (and the one you made, too)...

  7. just to think these girls are getting big enough for ballet! kennedy starts next year!!

  8. How sweet and perfect are the two ballerinas!

  9. Ruby,
    I love her little treat you made her, and your tutu is perfect! You are way too cute with all the creativity and love you put into making perfect little gifts!

    Thank you for sharing such sweet memories!


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