October 14, 2009

three current loves

1. Staying in pajamas and coloring all day long.
coloring in pajamas

2. Eating more fresh baked cinnamon buns in bed.
more cinnamon buns in bed

3. This vintage, crocheted, granny quilt, made by Ben's grandma, which would be Brave and True's great-grandmother, as new inspiration as we get ready to move Brave into a little-big-girl bed.
a granny quilt
What are you loving today?


  1. I am loving God and how he works things in our lives even if it looks impossible, and I am loving your Blog today!
    Cute quilt!

  2. That blanket is lovely! And those cinnamon buns...well, lets just say I need some now!

    Loving the overwhelming urges to be domestic. Our house has never been so clean or so many meals been cooked in one month.

  3. I'm loving the book of James in the Bible and the rain! and hot caramel apple cider when it rains!

  4. I'm loving my reading corner. I light my candle, drink my tea and let the word speak to me.

  5. loving all the beautiful Fall colors God gives !!so pretty so perfect so inspiring!

  6. I am NOT loving the rain, but LOVING that 3rd graders are super tame compared to Kinder.

    I am NOT loving my not-so-brilliant idea of wearing heels to work, but LOVING that I got to wear my cute coat.


  7. I'm Loving the my dog seems like he will be ok after a few scary days!

    Love that blanket :)

  8. My grandma used to make us the exact same kind of blankets! That brought back memories :)

    Enjoy your blog! Can't wait for your Halloween post this year!

  9. I am loving a coolish fall night. Not terribly chilly here yet. Thankfully. I am also loving a table full of fresh apples and winter squash. Some of my very favorite crops for my very favorite time of year!

  10. I'm loving this time that God has given me with my babies, and His new mercies every morning!

    I'm also loving the blog of course, but loving that we finally get to hang out! yay! can't wait to see you my friend =)

  11. Well I'm definitely loving that quilt! And my life and all that it entails...I'm a blessed girl!

  12. I'm loving that quilt!!!

  13. ..loving the sun peeking out from the clouds...
    ...the fondant flowers waiting to be made...
    ..and the little boy, with runny nose still in his underpants, waiting to go to the zoo...

  14. I'm loving my new little baby boy's hair. Its out of control awesome. Its curly on top and super soft and shiny.. My first son looked like smiling bald man for the first 12 months of his life.. So to have a newborn with lots and lots of gorgeous hair is just too cute.
    AND the leaves are starting to change color here - I love a good rusty red Maple Leaf. Or a few hundred piled in the lawn!

  15. how lovely are the things you love! today, i'm loving that my mom is home with us and she cooks us food so hearty! i love sweet moms, especially mine:)


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