October 6, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week forty

I received some pretty books in the mail. I could hardly wait for the girls to go to nap so that I could sit down with a biscotti, chocolate milk, and my books from Frankie
week forty
It was my advance copy of The Photo Album: Volume One by Australia's Frankie Magazine. The book is so so full of pretties. It is simple, exquisite, and inspiring. I think I have already looked at it a thousand times and here are just a few of my favorite pages, but I no doubt have many.

It is a 144-page album that features the works of more than 100 amateur and professional photographers from around the world. I dream of seeing my photographs in it one day. It will be released on October 14th, but you can pre-order it here.

The book makes me want to go out with all my cameras and take pictures all day long. Alas! If only there were more time in a day...


  1. I don't doubt that someday your photo will appear in the publication you speak of.

  2. I have been on a 10 year search for finding more time in a day. Should I ever find a way, I will share it with you...

  3. Esther unni just sent me an email from Europe and I was thinking... Can you imagine what AMAZING pictures you/we could have taken with the camera you have now?!?!?!

    btw- Jenny's getting a new camera, and giving me her old one. :) you can teach me!

  4. i left you a very special message on my blog <3

  5. When your 52 weeks are up, you should make your own book, I would buy it!


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