October 9, 2009

fall-ebration: autumnal lights and buns

We spent some time working on a fall-ebration little project and we were all involved (minus Ben because he was at work). It is getting exciting that both girls are at an age they can be engaged together working on "art" as they like to call it. Seeing both of them choose colors, draw, and know how to put their supplies away is so much fun. My little ones are really growing up.
our fall-ebration projectcoloring for our project

The drawing went on for awhile and they were working so well together that it was hard to pull them apart from the task, but it was time to move to the next one. We pulled the paper off the table onto the floor and started ripping little circles, at least they tried to rip circles, but sometimes it ended up more like strips.
ripping it up

Then, we stuck all the little pieces (and scrunched them into little flowers) on each little bulb on a string of lights to make our very own autumnal lights. The result was magical. Little white lights are always so pretty.
autumnal lightsfrom scribbles came lights

We celebrated our accomplishments by eating some fresh out of the oven, homemade cinnamon buns.
cinnamon bunscinnamon buns
I used the left over dough from the doughnuts and did a little tweaking to make them cinnamon buns. This recipe helped a bit, but I kinda just winged it and I used the cream cheese frosting left over from when I made banana cupcakes. I think I kinda like the cinnamon buns more than the doughnuts, but both are quite yummy. Best of all, I know what goes into these little treats and it isn't that bad.
our fall mantlefall-ebration lights
We are getting pretty decked out with all our fall-ebrating and the best part is all the memory making that goes on (and well, all the fall-ebrating eating).

The weekend forecast for us is quite busy, but then again, when is it not?!! There will surely be some sort of fall-ebrating continuing and probably next week too. We are just so thankful to God for the change in the new season and the good riddance to the heat. I love fall!

Have a fantastic weekend! Are you doing any thing to celebrate the new season?


  1. i'm gonna build a fort this weekend! and drink hot apple cider in it.

  2. those cinnamon rolls look amazing! my husband would love them! hmmm

  3. Wow, everything is amazing here! I love those lights. The cinnabuns look tasty!

    Your daughters are going to have such fun memories of all of these celebrations.

  4. I love that last photo! Are those flower pots hung on the wall?

  5. I love the lights, great idea.

    Renee xoxo

  6. what a wonderful project--and it turned out so pretty!

    staying warm and bundled up is how i'm ringing in this season.

  7. That is a creative project to get the little ones involved!

  8. Love those lights and I wouldn't mind having one of those cinnamon rolls.


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