October 29, 2009

cozy weather is coming (i hope)

The past two days have been extra cool around here, which is nice, considering that over the weekend it was in the 90's. Yup. Fall weather came to southern California, then it left, and now it is back... hopefully to stay, but I am dreading the flu season that comes with. I am hoping everyone out there is alright. I know the swine flu thing has everyone in a bit of a panic, me included. I have been manic about everything cause of it. If we go out, I don't let them touch anything and anti-bacterial their hands like crazy afterwards. 

Earlier in the week, we did some thrifting and came upon this crocheted beauty. I debated about getting it, but since it was only 5 bucks, I scooped it up. I am so glad I did. 
recently thrifted
I am hoping this will keep us cozy in the coming cold days ahead.

Today will be a lazy day at home as I have lots of little house chores to do and some shop stuff to get out in the mail. Halloween is almost here and we are quite excited. My little girls are loving the dressing up and they really get into it (thankfully!). Don't forget to come by tomorrow as we will have a little story for you! 


  1. yay i cant wait for halloween fun!

  2. Great Find Ruby! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  3. Wow this is insanely gorgeous! Quilts like these cost over $100 on etsy!

  4. I love the blanket! I had a similar dilemma this week - I'm visiting in Texas and saw a gorgeous rainbow colourful Mexican blanket. I've always loved those and it was 5 dollars. After some convincing I bought it because I know I have room in my suitcase for once. Yay! It feels so funny to be lugging it all the way back overseas - we never have extra room!

  5. ahhh the flu....we just finished a "fun" bout of Swine flu with little M.
    (he actually got a terrible flu after having the mist vaccine....big A had to have the injection vaccine due to asthma, and thankfully he is still in the clear) It's spreading like wildfire here in New York....our schools have so many kids out already.
    here's hoping you fare a bit better over on your side......all me best!

  6. Just wanted to say.....my daughter (and a couple of her friends) had the swine flu last week, and while it is different for everybody...her case was not so bad. One and a half days of feeling sick, one little barfy episode...the flu medication was easy to get and seemed to help her after just a couple of doses. My ONLY reason for writing that is to say -- please don't worry TOO much! There is only so much we can do, and in most cases it is mild. (I know you are pregnant so that is an added stressor, but anyway ...) Looking forward to the Halloween story; I looked up the past ones and they were so charming and fun! God bless your lovely little family :)

  7. Oh I'm so glad it arrived and you enjoyed it! I'm just in Texas for a week, until Tuesday night I think. It's a quick and short notice trip and I'm getting to spend time with other stay at home daughters, which is amazing.

    Enjoy the autumn days!

  8. This is indeed a crocheted beauty.


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