September 3, 2009

the wiggly woodland girl

Gone are the days when she would sit still for a picture. She moves, wiggles, jumps, and spins, but I guess that is what happens you have a little gnome on your skirt. Mr. Gnome probably did some woodland magic on her and True got as rambunctious and any 3-year old could get.
her woodland outfithappy woodland girlmy little woodland girl

The skirt was made from a vintage skirt, from this cool shop, that was much too big for someone so teeny, so with a little tweak here and there, it fit her perfectly. The texture of the skirt called for something woodsy, so a little friend was added for good measure. 
she loves mr. gnome

Naturally, she needed a shirt to accompany her new skirt, so I used this vintage fabric I found from my recent romp to the thrift store and made her a dress that can be worn as a shirt under the skirt. No one would ever know that it was a dress. Then, I made a little belt to be worn with the dress/shirt to give it a little more pizzazz when worn without the woodland skirt. We argued about a red or blue belt. I liked the blue, but she liked the red.
tie a sash and it is a different look
a new dress, but also a shirtmr. gnome
I have lots more I want to make for my little ones and the little one in my belly, which is feeling extra heavy these days. I have three months left and I am eagerly anticipating the day (hopefully, in about 3 months) when those excruciating labor pains set in cause that means arrival will come shortly. I can hardly wait to meet her! 

Sewing was so nice and relaxing after the stressful Monday-Tuesday. That is definitely my idea of relaxing. I will be sure to do more relaxing today... what's your idea of relaxing?


  1. I love to relax with a knitting or crochet project and a good movie. Usually next to my hubby, but this is not a requirement.

    That skirt is super cute. I can't get over the gnome!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. She's adorable, and I LOVE the gnome!

  3. Those are both lovely! Did you use a pattern for the top or just eye it?

    I'm with you on feeling the heaviness of baby in the belly these days. Sometimes I think she's surely going to drop out! Yay for third trimesters!

  4. Very cute skirt indeed.

    When I need to relax I read, garden or sew for others.

    Keep on sewing and looking forward to your creation.

  5. i love the gnome too! thanks!!!

    rachel- i eyed it. you could totally make tons for ruby!

  6. The skirt is sooo cute! I am so glad you were able to put it to good use! I'm so happy the lot of skirts went to you and your girls! You guys are so appreciative of life and what it has to offer. I love reading your blog, it does really uplift my day!

    BTW Congratulations with the new baby! Best wishes XOXO


  7. The skirt is awesome! And so is the dress. Your girls are so adorable! I can't wait to see the one in your belly. :)
    My Mom is due in three months too, with my first baby sister! After four boys, I can't wait for a girl. :D


  8. Scrapbooking my memories is the most relaxing hobby for me. And the applique is so darn cute! you inspired me to create something just like it on a layout. Thanks!! :D

  9. oh em geeeeee, so frakkin cute! :D
    your little one is so precious as are your outfits for her! I wish I was as handy as you with a needle and thread!!

  10. GIRL that is so cute! Ah. I wish my mom would of made stuff like that for me when I was a kid. I guess I'll have to start a tradition :)

  11. What gorgeous clothes you make! Your little ones are so lucky to have a wonderful mom like you!

  12. Reading your blog is my definition of relaxing!!! I love your little skirt and dress! Or really True's! She is getting so big! And so beautiful!! I was just thinking this morning that it will be really interesting to see how your girls express themselves as they become older.

  13. You know what Ruby.

    I loves you:)

    I wish you could come and have cinnamon tea at my house BECAUSE you are a darling and just so darn like-able:)

    You also sew a mean gnome skirt which only adds to my affection...any thought to putting a few in the old shop-a-roo?

    <3 sarasophia

  14. Oh my, those are adorable. I wish I had a little girl to sew for! Someday...

    Relaxing to me is dreaming up neat things to do to my house. And then usually not doing them, but the dreaming is the truly fun part!

  15. these pictures are so stinkin' cute! i want a gnome skirt for me! did you eye the skirt too or have a pattern for that? i am definitely trying that dress... wish me luck! also, i have been wondering for sometime... how do you shoot your indoor pics? what kind of camera on what setting? they are always so beautiful! thanks for sharing! love your blog, by the way!

  16. So cute Ruby, and of course she is adorable! Relaxing...hmmmm...not machine sewing (yet) but I do find hand sewing or embroidery relaxing. During my babe's naps (when she takes one), I try to sit and relax a little bit - normally with a handful of chocolate covered almonds and some plain coffee with ice. It's a little bit of down (and quiet) time during my otherwise busy and loud day. :)

  17. Ruby,
    So cute. What precious photos too! Any chance for a tutorial for the dress. I know that is asking alot....maybe some pointers instead? What a beautiful family you have.

  18. So gorgeous - both your daughter AND the skirt.

  19. the skirt & dress are both fun! & may i say, very inspiring...makes me want to get sewing...


  20. Ok...
    So, I have your gnome skirt up and my husband walks by,
    "what is that? and how much is it? Molly NEEDS that!"

    even my husband sees the greatness in this outfit!

    Relaxing? What's that?
    No, I love a good ol pedicure at the mall with a trashy magazine and an Auntie Ann's Pretzel....

    (are you no longer blogging on your "other" site?)

  21. wow. super amazing stuff lady! I cant wait to have little kiddies to make clothes for! yippie happy friday!

  22. very cute dress, with her arms up like that it is a bit Japanese kimono looking, very cute.


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