September 8, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-six

This weekend was full of normal family stuff, which means lots of house organizing (I think nesting is setting in), errand running, and a wonderful Labor Day spent at Riley Farms
week thirty-six
We came home with loads of pears, apples, and raspberries all picked by us... yum! We definitely had a good weekend. How about you?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. My husband and I drove to AZ with his parents to see the Grand Canyon, and I took about a zillion photos!

  2. we had a nice weekend too! we had our 4 year wedding anniversary and went out to eat all fancy and such. fresh raspberries??!? YUM!!

  3. We cleaned up and do laundry.
    Yummy apples!

  4. a fantastical long weekend indeed

  5. Cute picture! Apple picking is always fun =)

    L.T. @

  6. i went on a date with my manmate and we lounged around all weekend--your weekend sounds amazing!

  7. The crown giveaway is finally up, Rubyellen :O)

    Love, Susan

  8. How fun, where is Riley Hills?
    Cute blog, I had fun visiting!

  9. Sigh. Oh, that photo looks so warm and peaceful. To fall asleep under an apple tree would be just the ticket right about now!

  10. a weekend in Monterey, CA withe the hubbz for our late 2 year anniversary celebration... it was awesome! :)

    you picked your own fruits? that sounds awesome too! gotta try that one day...


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