September 13, 2009

for los angeles locals (or if you want to drive or fly here)

You may remember our "More 'Stashin' Fun Birthday" we had for Ben awhile ago and our little trip to the Skirball for the Noah's Ark exhibit as part of the day's surprise. We absolutely loved that exhibit and the girls had so much fun running around and playing with all the interactive goodies that we can hardly wait to go back for another run around the place!
taken by G Mudford courtesy of Skirball
(photo taken by Grant Muford courtesy of Skirball Cultural Center)

Now, thanks to Skirball and their generosity, I am able to offer one of my lucky readers some passes to take your family to this wonderful interactive exhibit. Seriously, how cool is that?!! I guarantee that your family will have a jolly good time and that there will be lots of good memories to be made.

How to enter:
1. Leave me a comment telling me what you imagine yourself doing if you were on Noah's ark.
2. Leave me a way to reach you via a link to your blog or email.

Easy peasy, right? The giveaway will end on Saturday, September 19th at 8AM PST. I will announce the winner the following Monday morning. I guess this kinda restricts the passes to locals, but if you want to fly or drive here for the exhibit, by all means, go ahead. It is definitely worth it.

Skirball is also hosting another wonderful event, which is a free screening of the film Coco Avant Chanel with Audrey Tautou on Wednesday, September 23 from 7:30-9:30 in the evening. The screening is free, but if you wish to attend, you must be a Skirball Facebook Fan and RSVP on the Facebook event.

I am definitely going to this with some of my girlfriends and I think it would be fun to meet another bunch of you there. We won't be chatting during the film, but it would be nice to meet and greet each other before and after. If you sign up, let me know!


  1. audrey tautou is one of my favorite actresses, i cant wait to see this.. ill be there! thanks for the annoucement! :)

  2. What a neat exhibit! We've never been able to make it to a Noah's ark type museum but they always sound wonderful.
    (don't enter me; I sadly couldn't fly! ;)

  3. To be honest I would probably be in a corner somewhere hiding from all the animals. I have never been to keen on animals. The whole idea of them being stronger than I has always scared me. But the fact that this exhibit is visible is just perfect for the non-animal lover that I am. Thanks for the chance!! :D

    P.S. I am a local by way of beautiful Pasadena. :D

  4. If I were on Noah's ark I would...hmmmm. Gosh! I am just having fun sitting here ruminating on the possibilities!
    Well, because I keep dreaming about tigers, I imagine I would be hanging out with them; keeping there stall tidy, and since all is possible in my imagination, I would love to curl up with them and sleep.
    But there is a part of me that would be crying because the unicorns got left behind. :)

    Thank you!

  5. I would be chasing Molly around...taking lots of pictures...and asking her,
    "what does the ___say?" all day long!
    Oh...wait? Did you mean
    "what you imagine yourself doing" on the REAL Noah's ark??
    I'd have to say picking up the poop, I mean, can you imagine how much there would be?!
    You know how to reach me...even though I never win anything...

  6. You don't have to add me into the drawing for free tickets, but just wanted to say that I'm going to try to make the screening!

  7. Funny, because I actually was on Noah's ark.I am just so sorry that I was not able to round up 2 unicorns. It's all my fault. I'll tell you all about it at the movie.

  8. Thanks so much for this! If I were on Noah's Ark, I think I would play games like Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Barrel of Monkeys. Maybe even Ants in the Pants. The real animals could take the places of the game pieces. =)

    Looking forward to seeing you at the screening.

    Alex from the Skirball

  9. Wow, Skirball sounds so cool, I cannot wait to go with Nicholas! ;)

    Noah's art really fascinates this exhibit sounds awesome!

    If I were on Noah's ark, I imagine myself roaming around the ark, exploring hidden rooms and making sure all the animals are behaving and getting along. I'd also REALLY be enjoying the rain well, cause I absolutely love the rain and it doesnt rain enough in oc. I'd also imagine having long talks with Noah about God and having a grand old time.

    xo. danni

    PS: can I go with you to the screening on the 23rd? it sounds SO FUN!

  10. I would take my daughter Charlotte who is two to see all the neato animals. Gosh this exhibit is amazing!!! Thanks for posting this.

  11. We love the skirball -- and, honestly I would be lying down somewhere in the Arc getting motion/sea sick...

  12. How fun! Dom and I fell in love with your post last year about Noah's Ark, and we would love to win and take the kidlets :)

    If I were on the ark, I would probably be checking out all of God's creation and being awestruck at His marvelous handiwork!

    Please, oh please, pick me... :)

  13. ohhh we have been wanting to go! if we got picked i imagine using this trip as a great learning experience for my three kiddos


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