August 20, 2009

tea, play, and lunch

Sometimes you need to just stop, have tea with a friend, let the kids play, and enjoy a good lunch.

Seriously, on Tuesday I was just having one of those hard days when Ben finally came home and I just let it out and cried. The girls were crazy that day (they got baby powder everywhere and on themselves, then True got Brave's skin medicine all over her hair and face) and I felt so bad for being so so mad at them. I lose my temper too... see, I am not perfect. It was a very hard mommy day for me. God definitely used this time (and many other times) to humble me. Ben came home and after my crying, I said, "Let's go out for dinner, then you can drive me to do my errands." That is just what we did. It was nice to be out.

So yesterday was a nice day as we headed over to Karen's. We just needed to get out, I needed adult interaction and the girls needed friends to play with. It was so cute because Karen told me that Bela had been asking when we were going to get there all morning. We chatted, laughed, talked crafty-fabric-fashion stuff, all the while the girls were all content playing all over the house. I think it was just what Karen and I needed!
refreshing and warmthe messes kids makebravey

I am also excited to share that Karen's new Misha Lulu site is up and running. It is so cute! Well, what of her stuff isn't?!! I think if you have a look around, you will see some familiar faces.
true in misha lulubrave in misha lulu
(Brave is on the left)

I also had the privilege of making some whimsical hairpieces for the shoot. You can see them here, I think it all turned out so adorable (I'm kinda biased). Ever since then, True has been bugging me to make her some feather clips because Bela wears them. I definitely enjoyed working outside of felt and using tulle, ribbon, and feathers to make hair clips.
some headpieces I made for misha lulu
On another note, I am glad to have the shop stocked full. It is nice and I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. I have more ideas coming, so stay tuned.

And if anyone else is having a hard mommy day, just stop, go out, and do something fun. Sometimes, we just need that. Don't you think? Being a mommy is such a joy, but there are definitely hard moments.


  1. Oh goodness gracious, those hair pieces are so ADORABLE!

    Also your babies look adorable in the pictures too.

  2. omg once my kiddos got powder everywhere it was soo much we could barely breathe!!! dont feel bad i got super mad too :( plus it takes a long time to clean sucks :(

  3. A couple of years ago my grandson and his friend wee playing. the house got quiet and the mother went to see why they were so quiet. The bagy powder had covered them, the room and the air. The fan took the fine powder everywher. My daughter was so embarrassed - They actually took pictures of the moment, but don't think I ever got copies. It was a sight to see. And yes, even grandmamas have those "Days" LOL.

    Love your post! You are too adorable.

  4. Hi Ruby! Oh, I feel sooo much better after reading your mommy post! I have had a bad mommy day today! Crying all afternoon, and can't wait for my hunny to get home and help me out! Good thing God gave us such wonderful helpmates! I think sometimes we momma's have too high of expectations even for ourselves! Plus, the kids seem to know it when we are stressed out and they bounce off of us! Love the cute Misha Lulu pics! Adorable clothing and hairpieces! Simply irresistible....i want to get sewing now!

  5. ohhh, such a nice post Ruby! Thank you for talking to me I really needed to vent. I feel a lot better now, God is good for bringing angels to listen to us and little angels to make us laugh!

  6. I have been lurking at your site for quite a while now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creativity. It inspires me to do more with mine. This post hit home with me because I'm pregnant (33 wks) and I had a total complete meltdown to my husband tuesday night about my son Kenron - (teething and 15 mo. old asserting his independence). And wednesday he gave me a long overdue day off from mommy-hood. Thank you for reminding me to get out and not fret over the hard moments. I truly love being a mom. Its so refreshing to know we arent alone, and it always gets better :)! Thanks for your blog!

  7. ah yes! thank you for sharing your stories with me. it is nice to know we are not alone. i think sometimes we feel so so bad for losing our cool (i know i do), but i guess it is just God humbling us and showing us we can't do it alone. I definitely know I can't. Times like these show me how much more I need to pray. I love being a mom! Kids are such a blessing!!!

  8. Awww, yes...being a full time mom is extremely hard but such a blessing too!!! Love the pics and your hairpieces!


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