July 23, 2009

fresh basil & tomatoes

We love this gardening thing. Two raised beds are jam full with wonderful things growing. Every night, we spend a bit of time outside watering the beds and my plants as the girls play. Summer nights in California are just wonderful. 

Now, we cheated as some plants already had the starts of what would be glorious pickings, so we had some tomatoes perfectly ready to be picked. I love tomatoes! We also picked some basil and we already had fresh mozzarella waiting. We drizzled some olive oil and indulged. 
freshly picked from our yard
yummy tomatoes
fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes
i love fresh mozarella
The girls really loved it. We let True try the mozzarella, despite her being allergic to dairy (she breaks out in little hives), but she loved it. We had to stop her once the red dots appeared on her face. Actually, both girls loved the tomatoes too, though I am not sure they were so fond of the basil. The basil had a bit bitter flavor. We need to find other varieties to plant that may have a much more appetizing flavor. Any suggestions?

As I look at the pictures, I am starting to crave it. I tell you, it's a dangerous thing to have a pregnant woman looking at food pictures. You never know what I may have to send my husband to the store for next!

We also have a bunch of bananas, not from our garden, but a lot that I bought for church last Sunday. But the car wouldn't start, so I couldn't go, and now I have tons of super ripe bananas. Anyone know any good banana nut bread, cupcake, muffin recipes? I need something to do with all these bananas!


  1. Peel the 'nanners, freeze, and put them in a smoothie with crushed hemp seed (aka hemp protein powder), whatever milk you use, and fresh or frozen berries.

    More tasty smoothie additions here: http://thaitrait.blogspot.com/2009/04/pursuit-of-frappyness.html

  2. I'll be checking back here because I have some too ripe bananas too! :)

  3. hey - if it's buffalo mozarella she shouldn't be allergic to it! yay!

  4. Sweet basil is my favorite! What kind do you have?

  5. hey Rubes...yes, let's celebrate next week. I'll talk to Owen to coordinate a date. see ya soon!

  6. yumyum yum , my favorite thing to make from the garden! I also made dinner with garden freshies last night, guacamole with tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos from my garden. also for your bananas follow this link for the best banana pudding dessert ever!!!!

  7. That is one of my all time favorite meals/snacks. ALL TIME. But we often use a little balsamic vinaigrette and freshly cracked pepper and a teensy sprinkle of salt.

    My non-pregnant body is having some cravings of it's own, too :O)

    Yea for gardening and California summer nights!

  8. everything looks pretty on fiesta ware!

  9. yummy! so simply and it looks refreshing.

    this is one of my favorite banana bread recipes: Creamy Banana Bread :)

  10. slice the bananas, place on wax paper lined cookies sheet, freeze. Melt chocolate, dip frozen banana slices in chocolate, dip in crushed walnuts, freeze. Eat :)

  11. I've found that sweet basil is the least bitter of all the basil varieties it is also the most versatile. We grow several different varities in our garden and the sweet basil is my favorite!

    Your pics look sooo yummy, I totally agree that pictures of good food are dangerous for a pregnant woman. I think I'm gonna have to make a trip out to my garden and recreate your yummy snack:0)

  12. A fun thing you can make for the girls, is this kid sushi (you can use almond butter or Tahini Butter if you are allergic to peanut butter):


    Trust, me...they will love making it with you, as much as they will love eating them! FUN! Our girls love to do this!

    and this one, too:




  13. Mmm I love caprese salad! What we like to do is boil down balsamic vinegar with some sugar and it makes a savoury sauce for the tomato, basil, and mozzarella, and brings out all the flavours nicely!

  14. i just made some banana cupcakes with some too ripe bananas that i had......cream cheese frosting and a roasted plantain chip (from trader joes) on top! yum!!


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