April 20, 2009

never still

Life is constantly growing, moving, changing...
the pads
brave likes beetles
rose sweet rose
along the garden
fell from the "kissing tree"
i call this the "kissing tree"
Thank you Lord for your creation.

We had a marvelous weekend. Some of that time was spent at Descanso Gardens. It is such a beautiful place. I wish it were my backyard. The girls loved it. I was impressed at how long they lasted out and about in the sun. Maybe, I keep them cooped up at home too long.

Like creation, my girls are never still... they too are constantly growing, moving, and changing.

A big change is that my True is turning three very, very soon and I have lots to do for her celebration. All month she has been talking about her birthday and it is finally almost here. We are so excited! Sunday will come soon enough...

What changes are you observing in your everyday?


  1. these photos are completely beautiful!

  2. i love descanso gardens. i wish i still lived near so i could visit- your pictures are lovely.

  3. lovely post, life is never at a stand still. Thanks for the sweet reminder

  4. True's turning THREE??? wow!!! that was quick! hmm..changes? plenty. =)

  5. these are wonderful! it reminds me how abundant the world is.

  6. ah changes
    this month we have planted 3 trees in our front yard this year and this week I planted hydrangea... those are happy changes..
    love the photos.

  7. I am noticing change.
    Molly is beginning to be "funny" on purpose...she waits for reactions from us...she likes to hide and "pop" out to scare us.
    She is changing into a little girl and not a baby...

  8. I love hearing about your weekend trips!

    I'm finally starting to have enough energy to become a productive Mama again which makes me so thankful. I'm not a big fan of first trimesters but a really big fan of why it's so hard!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. These are great photos!!! My favorite is the one with the girls in it... frame that!!!

  10. mann, what a good post...


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