April 2, 2009

my stomach's growlin'

We have been eating burgers lately, but healthifying them. The latest crave was for a BLT burger. Yum. We used buffalo meat (lower in fat), turkey bacon (thanks to your suggestions), whole wheat buns, and baked sweet potato fries. I made Ben's with a buffalo soy-mayonnaise and mine with garlic soy-mayonnaise. Really, it was yum...
a healthy BLT burger
which one is brave's?
Remembering this meal makes starved. Right now I can't figure out what to eat for lunch. 

Any other burger (to healthify) suggestions?


  1. how'd u make those fries?!?!?!??!

    fry an egg and stick that bad boy in! SO YUMMY! eggs are healthy no? protein!

  2. This is El and my burger we created and loved:
    Wheat buns
    Bison (is that the same thing as buffalo I don't know)
    Sauteed crimini mushrooms
    red onions sauteed in red wine (mix a little bit of the diced sauteed red onions in bison meat before cooking them
    A slice of parmisean cheese (buy a block and slice it off)
    lettuce like you used
    I don't remember that we used any sauce like mustard or mayo or ketchup they were very moist with the sauteed red onion and mushrooms

    I think that's it I'll have to ask El next time we talk but you have to try them they are so good El cooked them on the bbq but you could do it on the grill pan or the foreman oooh and el grilled the buns

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  4. there was a veggie burger recipe in the readymade magazine last month. i have it here: http://fromlina.blogspot.com/2009/03/mother-trucker.html

    i haven't tried it yet, but i will soon!

  5. Love sweet potatoe fries!. No one else in my family seems to like them but me though. When I get a hankering for them I buy the pre-cut ones from Trader Joe's and make them for myself for lunch.

    I like mine with paprika and cinnamon.

  6. I'm very curious about how buffalo meat taste like... would you be able to tell the diff. betweem that and beef?? oh, sweet potato fries...theeee best! (i like mine with garlic powder).

  7. Mmmm...I love sweet potato fries! Did you make those yourself? If so I'd love to know how. Thanks!

  8. You might consider a chicken breast - and topping with the same BLT - or adding avacado. Mmmmm.

    Drat. Now I'M hungry. :)

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  9. We don't eat meat/chicken so we LOVE our bean burgers that we make!! AND baked sweet potato fries - we make those often! YUM!

  10. We are hunters in North Idaho so we eat elk and it is good and really healthy, I can't afford to buy organic food so I love to know we get totally organic elk meat all the time. I know Yak is actually really tasty and is one of the very best meats out there, lots of omega 3's or something. I think we tried it at a local farmers market once.

  11. Is there any way you can give us tips on healthy food?

  12. Turkey burgers are really good. Make sure that you get ground turkey breast. It's really good if you mix in chopped green onion, soy sauce, curry powders, salt and pepper.

  13. Oooh yum! Mind sharing your recipe for sweet potato fries?

    I stumbled onto your website and you have the most precious little family! Their mother's day song and costumes were sooo cute! :)


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