April 23, 2009

all good things

1. Strawberry smoothie (and friendship bread and a bit of cream cheese) for breakfast.
my breakfast

2. Carrot-strawberry-orange slush in the afternoon. 

3. True drawing in her sketchbook all day long. 
true the artist
These are all good things.


  1. i love the third picture. so adorable. :)

  2. i just love children's artwork. my son is 11 months old and i am so excited for his first doodles.

  3. yum. the strawberry smoothie looks yum!

  4. I featured your Mother's Day card on Tip Junkie today. It's amazing! Thank you so much for posting it and giving us some great ideas.

  5. very cute coaster in the first pic!

  6. I love the doodles! I love kids drawings of people. So cute.

  7. I'm so inspired and encouraged by the standard of healthy eating you set for your family! What a way to honor God in your body.

  8. These are all great things!!! Move over Martha, Rubyellen has trumped you!!

  9. love her sketchbooK!>
    I think you should share more recipes and stuff here! I know you guys eat so healthy and would love some ideas!

  10. Your family is exactly how I've always wished my life to eventually be..and your children are beautiful!

    I'm well versed in smoothies..but how does one make that carrot slush?????

  11. Love catching up on your blog when I can! My little girl does the EXACT same drawings (she calls them ogres?!), I have photos of it but haven't posted them on my blog. I'll have to do so at some point, it amazes me that they have such direction and rhythm in those little fingers!


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