March 15, 2009

a rare moment

Ben let me indulge a bit last weekend when we went to Santa Monica Pier. It is just too pretty (and fun) to resist. The cotton candy was calling my name...
sweet as gold
the tootsie roll
cotton candy
she said no!
My girls are so good (rather, well trained) that they both were strongly refusing any cotton candy. I would try to touch their lips with it and they would fiercely reject it and say, "No!" Training, I tell you... training. I mean, who says no to cotton candy, except the daughters of a dietitian father.

Me on the other hand, well, I just couldn't refused. Plus, the sugar high after just feels good!

Hope your weekend was just as sweet as cotton candy!!!


  1. ... you know what, I've never been to Santa Monica pier...... I'm a bad So. Cal girl

  2. you and cotton candy IS a very rare sight to see! =P

  3. aww i can't believe they refuse candy floss! oh well, they will have perfect teeth when they're older :) myself, on the other hand...i have a very sweet tooth and could never resist!

  4. I can't remember the last time I had cotton candy - a decade maybe? That's awesome they rejected it - good training indeed! :)

  5. Looks really jummie, we should have that for Mila's birthday party :-)

  6. Great pictures -- but, then again you always have great pics.

    Funny, we gave our little one cotton candy for the first time two weeks ago. I think it's a texture thing. Katie is a sweet tooth girl, she ate a couple of bites, but wasn't as into it as Mama was.

  7. Mmmm...
    I agree with the texture thing. My kids don't love cotton candy either.

  8. haha... it could be a texture thing, but i will continue to hope it is a disdain for junk food. after all, neither of my girls had ever had a cookie, cupcake, cake, or candy of sorts. really! they call of it junk!

  9. Ah Santa Monica Pier I think I went there when I was, like, 13?

    That last photo is hilarious, and you look gorgeous Rubyellen. What a beautiful shot.

    Benny must be either one good dietician or very persuasive -getting kids to turn down anything sweet is utterly unheard of!.

  10. i love the top picture - lovely! and your daughter refusing the candy is classic... good training mama!

  11. You are so beautiful Rubyellen!! A little bit of sugar doesn't hurt, especially if it makes you happy! But i love that your girls prefer real food. (write the book Ben!!!)


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