March 4, 2009

photo fun party

My seester's "special" friend's party was a blast. He is a photographer, so it was appropriate that he was thrown a "photo fun" party. We made cool banners of magazines pictures, strung some pictures he and my seester took together, along with some funny pictures of him growing up. The best part was the little "photo booth" area we made. We hung a couple sheets, had a basket full of funny props and one of his best friends is a photographer too, so he was cool and kind enough to take everyone's pictures. It was fun! I can't wait to see the turn out of our silly pictures. We had lots of fun with that photo booth...
photo party
i love my hand in his
kiss me baby!
my homemade new dress
Did I mention that I made another dress?!! Not necessarily for the party, but just for fun and to add to my "sewing for me" addiction. Plus, I have tons of fabric sitting in my stash and they need to get used. Really, they must.

You should throw your own "photo fun" party..

p.s. I think my husband's bow legged-ness is sexy.


  1. LOL! I was going to say something about Ben's legs, but you beat me to it.

    My husband has bowed legs, too, and I find them very cute.

    Funny story: when I was pregnant, I had to have several Level II ultrasounds. In the first one, the doctor came in to tell us that one of their concerns was that the curve in my son's leg bones was greater than usual. I just turned to my husband and told him to drop trou and show the doctor what curved leg bones look like.

  2. I love your blog. You are so talented and I appreciate the inspiration. I made my girls little nest "hats" for crazy hat day at school today. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. sorry I couldn't make it to the super fun shindig. I came home from a long weekend and CRASHED on my bed from 7pm to 11am. no joke! hah...hopefully we can get together again sometime soon. =)


  4. omg, im totally inspired! thank you!

  5. The photo booth is fantastic!

  6. love it! love your new dress too!

  7. oooh. i like the idea of a photobooth party!

  8. Had you not mentioned them I would never have noticed your husband's legs. (Isn't that what you would want to hear from perfect strangers anyway?!)

  9. It was soOooO sweet when you said you find your husband's bowed leg sexy!

  10. Such a clever idea!! Would love to see how those photobooth pics came out. :)

  11. such a fabulous idea and i love that last picture!

  12. I LOVE the photo booth. I used the pic on my post today (and linked back here, of course:). Love your blog.

  13. i love it! such a genius idea!!!


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