February 5, 2009

tweet, tweet, treats

There is a lot of bird love going on in our place. Maybe it is our anticipation for Spring or maybe cause birds just make our hearts flutter. So to continue our excitement for these fluttering creatures, here are some of our lovely goodies that is going to help us usher in the new season, maybe you will want these too...

At a recent romp to the flea market, I chanced upon this lovely vintage bird illustrations book...
vintage bird book
True loves it. She loves flipping through it over and over again pointing out all the various colors. Her favorite bird to stop on is the woodpecker (the bird above is not the woodpecker), immediately she starts imitating the illustration by bumping her nose to the wall. It makes me laugh every time! 

This is my lovely treat, or should I say tweet that has been hanging around my neck...
my spring necklace
This is from Lisa Leonard Designs, who is such a talented artist and mother. Her story and her art is so inspiring, such serenity in all her pieces. I think everyone needs one of her necklaces for spring, but more like for all seasons. It isn't too late to nudge your husband for a Valentine's Day present (just send him this link!).

Another little tweet that I am loving are my wood-like adaptations of Audubon's avians...
anthro bird
I was so elated to see them on sale at Anthropologie. I have had my eye on these for awhile, so you bet I scooped up a bunch! The best part is that each one is hand painted, so no two are exactly alike.

Okay, here is my last tweet for myself...
my spring pin
I love my vintage bird pin from lovely etsy shop, Oh Hello Friend. She sells the cutest bits and bobbles and her blog is equally as darling. Just another shop and blogger to fall in love with!

Now, here is a little tweet for you...
last spring handmade bag
I made this last Spring to be my Spring bag, so it is gently used and has a light, golf ball size stain on the back (it is washed and clean, but the stain won't come out, but the bag is reverisble too). I have much too many bags, so I thought I would share this one with you. Plus, Joel Dewberry's aviary fabric is much too appropriate for these past couple posts, so I couldn't resist. I really love this bag, so whoever wins needs to make sure to love it just as well, maybe even more!

If you want this bag, just leave a comment that says:
1.  Why you should have a little tweet.
2. Your favorite necklace from Lisa Leonard.

That's easy, right? So many contests lately, but it keeps things fun. Hopefully, by week's end my closet will be clean and the Starry Night crown will be done... maybe, just maybe (and I may have some once-in-awhile in the shop soon). 

This tweet giveaway will end next Wednesday, February 11th at 9pm PST (I sleep early) when the random generator will pick a winner. 

I love tweets! Don't you?


  1. I'm pretty sure the random generator won't pick a 1, but I guess I'll make it easier for everyone else. I think this is my first time commenting, though I've been lurking for several weeks, due to an indecisive day. "Cake or Cookies," I asked the Universe. The response: Cakies! And what fun!

    I love the bag, and wish I did more stuff like that. It's adorable. My favorite necklaces are the lovebird, and the bloom.

    If anything, I need/deserve a tweet because it will be my source of inspiration during the deep freeze.

  2. I probably don't deserve a tweet, but my silver ball chain broke last month. I love my toddler's curiosity, but she doesn't understand gentle, yet. I had abstained from jewelry for the first 12 months and had just remembered all the great pieces I have. Anyway, I'm thinking the better way to accesorize for a mom is with a great bag! I do love the simplicity of Lisa's pieces but I'm not big on the pearl add on. I might ask her to leave it off an oval monogram for me. The blooms is beautiful too!

  3. i loveeee tweets ;) birds are the best. thanks for your sweet mention! i love all your pictures and images!

  4. Oh boy, this is like my dream come true! My daughter Maya (7) is obsessed with birds. We have a bird watching book and we go bird watching....the bag will be the perfect one for us to carry out sketch books and picnic! for sure!!!!! And I am picking out the beautiful bird necklace (the same one you posted) so I can wear it when I go bird watching with Maya. There is a pic of maya's sketch of a blue Jay in my blog if you are interested :)

  5. I deserve a tweet because I love birdies!
    And my favorite necklace is the lovebird necklace.

  6. I love this bag...I think i should get a little tweet because my birthday is next tuesday. My husband also shares the same day and since we have had kids we reallly haven't done much for each other's b-days. We usually just spend time together by watching a movie. So please pick me! If not, I will still love you and your awesome blog!

    I love the bloom and the love bird necklace. they are so beautiful.

  7. I would love this tweet because first, I adore your work. It's always so simple and sweet, but oh-so-meaningful. So I would love to have a bag from you, it'd be such an honor. And secondly, this bag has a gorgeous print - the pink cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers and the birds just compliment these wonderful blossoms. I would be truly thankful and appreciative if I received this bag. :)

    And my favorite necklace is the hugs and kisses necklace. It's too cute and hopefully, I'll get it soon! ♥

  8. oh my! I'm lovin birdies and have so few..would LOVE to add this to the others! as for the Lisa's pieces...in LOVE with the oval monogram necklace, perfect and simple and lovely!

  9. what a fun giveaway! I have a hard time picking just one item off the Lisa Leonard website, she has such beautiful things. I do love the hanging rectangle dog tag necklace though. Why do I deserve a tweet? Because it's pretty and I like pretty things? I don't know that I do deserve a tweet but I think it's gorgeous and I do appreciate the handmade.

  10. I love the bag! Gorgeous fabric! Normally birds freak me out a bit but not on fabric. A little pick me up would be great this week! My favorite of Lisa's designs is the wish necklace.

  11. O.K...
    I don't ever think I "deserve" anything...BUT, since you are asking...
    I deserve a new purse because I work REALLY hard and NEVER buy myself anything fun. Really. And I deserve it because I never think I deserve anything...
    And the necklace...oh! The "lucky mommy" one wins hands down.
    I am the luckiest mommy...even if I don't win your purse :)

  12. This is also my first time to comment, but I love your blog oh so much. I look at it everyday at this time when I dismiss my last middle school class of the day and go on planning period. (Wrong, yes. But a girl's gotta have a moment of sanity and inspiration during the day!)

    With that in mind, I would say I deserve this beautiful bag because I just broke up three fights in the last hour. I, being a 100-pound white girl, and the fighters being much larger, much more street-wise middle schoolers.

    Good luck everyone!

  13. I'd love to win because I could def use a pick-me-up right now. This week alone, I'm 37weeks pregnant with our 3rd (3 under 2.5yrs old!), was diagnosed with bronchitis, hubby got laid off, and I got a root canal. So yes, a loooooong week!

    Love Lisa's "Bloom" necklace. Reminds me of that little wisdom to "bloom where you are planted" ;)

  14. I'm not sure why I would deserve a tweet any more than any other reader but I can make the promise that if I were to be picked I would give that bag the love it deserves, it is just so lovely.

    The L.L necklace fav. is an easy one. This last year my SIL got me a custom necklace from her that has two little circles with "bug" on one and "bean" on the other because that is what I call each of my two girls.

    I only recently found your blog, I love it and love your girls' names. Beautiful little space you have here, thanks for sharing it.

  15. the lovebird necklace is the cutest!!

    i deserve a tweet because i am job hunting and it really stinks!! there's nothing out there and i could use a pick-me-up!

    elkesten at yahoo dot com

  16. Oh I do love tweets - and treats! We're big bird lovers in this home. My parents used to breed them, and even though we don't have any right now (I have enough little mouths to feed), I enjoy sitting in the back yard with my Australian Bird Guide and working out which beautiful little creatures we have living close by.
    My favourite necklace from Lisa Leonard is the one that is hanging around my neck. For my 30th I received the teenie tiny initials necklace with the initials of all my little tweety birds! Cheers Rubyellen!

  17. Love the Petite Original Circle.

    Because I would never let myself buy a little tweet/treat for myself right now b/c of a tight budget...

  18. Who doesn't deserve a sweet tweet once in awhile. And that bag is definitely sweet! As for the necklaces I love the LIVE FULLY, the family tree, and the joy in the unexected!

  19. I love the word of the year necklace, as our family has already chosen "JOY". How applicable!

    As for the tweet, well, let's just say this Mommy bird would be looking pretty eggcelent sporting that at the park with the kiddos. ;-)

  20. I love little tweets in all shapes in sizes!! Like the little tweet on your bag - birds remind me to live in the freedom and beauty that God has created for my life....little tweets also remind me that we are all so precious...we are worth more than many sparrows...I would proudly wear your bag down here in Australia and share with all who comment on its beauty that we like little tweets are very precious!
    My most favorite Lisa Leonards designs would have to be the sparrow necklace that you have - I have it too!! My husband ordered it for me for Christmas and it has been adorning my neck and reminding me of joy down here in Australia! Much love, Martine (I hope your random generator picks me!!:)

  21. What a cute bag. I am desperately in need of a bigger bag, I've been searching for the longest time to find one cute enough. I think I deserve a tweet because I need something cute & roomy to carry my stuff.
    My favorite necklace by Lisa is the Sweet sister piece. I think its just adorable.

  22. I need a tweet because I just had 2 papers, 2 tests, and an oral presentation the same week that I had three birthday presents to make!

    (There was another birthday, but, coincidentally, I bought her the same bird pin from Oh Hello Friend!)

    My favorite necklace is the "Word of the Year" necklace! (It helps that I've been listening to the Wizard of Oz soundtrack for days now)

  23. Oh, I just love tweets... especially a cute little handbag like this one. Birdies are oh so sweet.

    So my favorite necklace from Lisa is The Open Circle. (Although each one is so unique and lovely.)

    And why am I deserving of a little tweet? Hmmm, well I am a second grade teacher and this week alone I had two barfers, lots of snifflers, and today a breakout of lice in the classroom. The weekend can't get here soon enough. :)
    I promise I will keep the bag far, far away from my sick little kiddies!
    Good luck everyone.

  24. you are so great to do these giveaways. I love the bag. stains don't bother me one bit. I have kids.

    OK: why I need a tweet bag. I started hearing birds outside my window for the first time this morning. I CRAVE life in the dead of winter, and I think I need to carry it around with me.

    SECOND: I LOVE the necklace you featured actually. really...it just really speaks to me. This whole CRAVING life in the cold has got me searching for it.

    Thanks my dear! what an awesome giveaway. If you REALLY want to clean out your closet, just email ME:0)

  25. oh that's just too tweet of you! :D and i just want to say that i LOVE your blog, your eye for pretty things and your house! (and true and brave of course, hee hee)

    hmm... well, i think i deserve a little tweet because i just found out i'm pregnant! (yes, and the tweet is for the morning sickness, strange pickle and rice porridge cravings and the unavoidable, but oh so ugly, duck-waddling in the last few months)

    and oooh, it took me forever to decide which necklace i like best, but i'd have to go with the tiny squares one that i'd love to customise. ;)

  26. I would love the bag you made because I could use a little spring brightness in my life. Have not be to purchase any new colorful things for spring, so this would be a real tweet. :>

    I like the "tiny squares" necklace & many others. I bookmarked her page~ Thanks for the hint.


    P.S. Love your blog!

  27. hello!
    1. i love bird images! i collect them. (that's why i LOVED this post of yours!) & of course because it's made by YOU!
    2. the lovebird necklace:]
    have a happy day!

  28. Cutest bag....and I would share it with a certain sweet teacher who works TOOO hard and has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I know. Favorite necklace has to be the Mommy one. Love your on sale tweets....note to self. Get to Anthro for a bit of tweet fun!!! Love your blog, Annelies

  29. I'm so in love with birds these days. I want them all over the house! Your treasures are so sweet.

    The bag is so pretty.. and I bet that stain is nothing a little bird patch or brooch can't cover up!

    LL's necklaces are so simple and pretty. I love the "finding joy" necklace and the "hugs & kisses" necklace. It's so hard to choose a favorite!

    I think I deserve a treat because it's been SO COLD around here! Spring cannot come soon enough.

  30. I love tweets so much that I decided that if the baby is a girl, trees and birdies will be the theme for her room. =)

    I want the tweet bag!!
    You know that's serious, you shouldn't deny a pregnant's woman wish!! =D

    Answering your questions:
    1. Why I should have a little tweet.
    Well... besides that I just love it so much and wish to have it? =) Hm... I think because I love tweets and I can't seem to find any cute-tweets fabric around here so I can make myself some sweet tweety stuff... =/ And this makes me sad!

    2. My favorite necklace from Lisa Leonard.
    I choose the "lucky mommy" one. Perfect timing! ^^

    Kisses from Brazil!

  31. Your spring bag is absolutely beautiful and any of those imperfections you mentioned, just show that it is loved. I would continue to love her as well. She would have a wonderful home to come to with lots of goodies waiting for her to fill her up. And as for Mrs. Leonard's designs, my favorite would have to be her dog tag necklace. I love the idea of being able to have a bunch of different words hanging together. Either way all of her designs are precious. Thanks. :D

  32. 1. love the bag and i think it'd be great to hold all of my stuff plus some diapers.
    2. i too love the simple sweet bird necklace u've been sportin'. because even though i am deathly afraid of birds, i love seeing them on jewelry!

  33. i deserve a tweet because it's my birthday tomorrow! i'll be nineteen :) haha shameless use of the day but i figured it was worth a go ;)
    i love the lovebird necklace, and the hugs and kisses one! they are all beautiful though. and i've never seen these designs before!

  34. I love that bag! If it were mine I would probably use it every single day even if it wouldn't match my outfit. Plus, I'm tired of using my other bags and I think this one is worth using because it is handmade and not something that everyone has. And if I did have it I would love to tell everyone about your blog and you will become famous! I hope I win! If I don't win then I'll still let the world know about your blog. (:

    And I love either "My Heart Necklace" or "Little Birdie Necklace".


  35. You are in a bird mood, aren't you?!! I have two silver bands from Lisa Leonard with each of my children's names engraved in them. I wear them together on my right hand's ring finger... sort of like my wedding band, as a sign of the promise to be the best mom I can be always! My Grandfather who is no longer alive, collected birds and loved the real thing... birds are such a big part of my family. My daughter wants to be an ornithologist and study owls! I love all of your pretty bird things and your bag! This made me smile today~ Thanks! :)

  36. I deserve a tweet because I would treat this bag with care and show the print off with any outfit that it even slightly matched!! My favorite lisa leonard design is the lovebird necklace, for sure! Would go great with this purse. thanks.

    caitlinhyla [AT] gmail [DOT] com

  37. I just loved "Little Squares" necklace.

    Your bag is amazing. I am so into little tweety birds right now. It will match my wallet. I need a l tweet right now because all I am getting is bad news - I would love to win this and have some good news for a change.

  38. That is suck a cute bag! I love it. I would love the bag just because what would make a girl any happier then getting a new bag. I love birds and love that print!

    Also my favorite necklace would be the Oval monogram, just so simple. Love your blog, way to cute. You have inspired me way to many times.

  39. I meant such, I am on a different computer today different keyboard. It also doesn't help that my son woke up three times last night. HAHA

  40. I don't deserve a tweet but my sweet girl and I sure would enjoy the bag!

    And I've been coveting the Family Tree necklace forever. Was hoping to get it for my tenth anniversary but got a Spinbrush (yes, a toothbrush) and a goat (yes, a goat) instead. Hey! Maybe that's why I deserve a tweet!

  41. I would love a "tweet" because as a Mommy, I devote myself entirely to my family, and hardly ever set aside anything just for me. I am over the moon for Lisa's "My Heart" neckalce...I would give it to my Mother, because she once made me a painting inspired by that t.s. eliot poem...."I hold your heart; I hold it in my heart."
    Sweet! <3

  42. Hello! My name is Marcela and I really enjoy reading your blog! You are amazing.

    I really could enjoy something tweet because we just found out that my tweetheart will be deploying. :( It will be our first deployment.

    My favorite Lisa Leonard piece is Riveted heart. It is absolutely beautiful!!!

  43. Thanks for passing on this adorable purse. It is very green of you.
    And the lovebird necklace is my favorite. I would love that one in my collection.

  44. I'm a huge blog hound, but you and your lovely family are so enchanting, I return here often.

    Anyway, I would love a tweetful bag! I love beautiful things and your bag definitely falls under that category. I've been on a quest to learn how to dress like a grown-up and I think this giveaway could help.

    And I'm quite indecisive, so I'm stuck between choosing Lisa's Little Birdie necklace, Wish necklace, Leaf ornament, and Bloom necklace. They're all so wonderful!

    Be well!

  45. Well, my nickname is "Bird." That's a darn good reason, methinks. And, duh, I like bags. :)


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