February 2, 2009

messy monday

Rats! Thankfully, my messes don't come with rats, but here it is and my confession:

I have a disheveled mail pile... 
mail pile

My unorganized bedside table...
my bedside table

My messy pile underneath my unorganized bedside table...
under my bedside table

Pile of need to iron (and a pile of unused bags in the background)...
my stack waiting to be ironed

And the most embarrassing of all, my horrendously messy closet....
so embarrassing!
The rest of the house is clean (kinda), not so much my bedroom, most specifically my closet. Mind you, those are all clean clothes that need to be put away and half of them I don't fit anymore cause they are my pre-kids stuff. (For some reason, unbeknownst to me, all my clothes shrunk after having kids... it's not me, it's the clothes.) Also, I have a morning ritual of trying on a million things (and being in a rush), so they all end up that way. So Bad. I know. Trust me. Just imagine my girls' closets looked similar to this, but I just recently cleaned, purged, and put everything away, so no more mess there. My goal is that by the end of this week, this closet will be clean and emptied of much that I don't use, which is probably a lot. Wish me luck on that one...

So yeah. I am normal. Maybe worse than normal cause I seriously doubt anyone's closet is as bad as mine. I guess here is my dirty, I mean clean, laundry for all to see. If my skin was fair, I would for sure be red... bright red. 

Well, hope I didn't scare anyone away and that we would still remain friends. It's just organizing my closet is last on my list. I would much rather be playing with my girls or sewing, plus no one usually sees it, until now...

Happy Messy Monday!!! If you are normal or abnormal, or whatever way you want to spin it, just leave a link to your messes on this post... 


  1. If you feel inclined to send all those old clothes to a faithful blog reader, I'm your girl!
    I totally envy your fashion sense!

  2. Good to see you are normal! Though some of your messes look good too, almost planned! Can't wait to see your closet organized. We recently did the same thing. It was key to get some shelves and stuff in there to hold things. And then get rid of things we don't want/wear. Good luck!

  3. misadventures- yup... i didn't touch a thing when taking pictures. all messes were left as is and i just snapped away. the picture makes it look nicer than it is in real life, maybe its the angle. it really is that messy!

    the popes- i will totally keep that in mind! thank you!

  4. Oh Ruby, your messes are even pretty.

    I did a post today. Just the downstairs. Maybe we'll do the upstairs next week. I'm kind of excited about this, because I'm hoping that someone will have suggestions about how to deal with some of my disorganized corners.

    My blog: http://loquaciouschase.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for being brave enough to share, Ruby!

  5. can't judge you on the messes, although i am happy to report that i've currently been keeping my closet neat and tidy lately.

    but my question is, can you let me in on your photo lighting tricks for these shots? i'm so curious! katidimoff {at} gmail

  6. wow! i cant 'even comprehend owning that much clothing!
    however, my yarn/ wool stash is that unruly!!

  7. Ruby.... I have swap parties for that! Clean out what doesn't fit, and have a free for all with some friends.... Just had one a few weeks ago.

    I posted my messes. (hideous!) here...

    thanks for being brave. I was so excited to see other people's messes today!

  8. Thank you for being honest and real! Not everyone would be willing to do that.

  9. i, too, would love to hear some of your lighting secrets... the top two pictures are beautiful... what kind of camera do you use?

    emilykburch at yahoo dot com

  10. What a hilarious post! I love it. Unfortunately I am in between cameras so I can't show how messy my itty bitty apartment gets (it's hard in 300 square feet!), but trust me, you are not alone in the world of disheveled closets. :)

  11. This makes me feel SO much better. I always feel so guilty when I see how pristine other bloggers' homes are (even though, as someone else said, your messes are beautiful!).

  12. I know it was a mess - but what a great closet. I envy the space. I have a 1/4 closet. My closet is on the roof line - meaning my bedroom is in the attic - so I have this weird closet - that I have to share with hubby. So - messy and all - I love it!

  13. Hey Rube! hah...man, and I thought MY closet was a mess! You win - hands down. Let's do lunch this week! maybe...Thursday? Does that day work out for you...oh and PLEASE let me help you clean your closet! PLEASE!!!

  14. Joining in the messy Monday fun ... such a great idea!

  15. Mrs. Ruby's monday messes are DELIGHTFUL!!! haha great idea Ruby!!

    Here's my mini monday mess ... due to lack of time I can't really get fancy with it!! lol .. but really I hate tangled yarn and that's all I got!! hahah love you Ruby!!!


  16. OH MY GOD is all i have to say about that closet! can i come over and organize it? J :)

  17. i completely related to all of the above. on the surface everything seems neat and tidy. dig a little deeper and voila! a collection of little messes scattered about the house. that's what closets, hampers and baskets are for...to dump all the crap you don't want to look at or deal with.

  18. There's always room for improvements... especially in our small apartment. Thanks for airing out the dirty laundry we all know we have!

  19. OH thank goodness you're normal!! Though that closet was a surprise!! My bedside table is always a pile of things. I think it's from needing to have things constantly at my fingertips when I have a few moments of downtime! Well, any photo of my desk would show my messy side. We still love you just as much or even more Rubyellen!!!! Good luck with your organizing!!!

  20. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. When I saw your post about upcoming Messy Monday I was tempted to show a mess of mine shot a few months back. Currently I just send them to my sister, who must faint in horror.

    You know, even your messes look like artistic photographs.

    And yes, I would rather be sewing too so I know exactly how you feel.

  21. thank you everyone for not disowning me. i was rather embarrassed to put the picture up and almost didn't, but i wanted to show all of you my "bad" side too. i am definitely far from perfect and have my share of messes everywhere.

    i am now in the process of cleaning my closet. i can't wait to show the after picture!

    and for those wondering about my lighting, i didn't use anything but natural light peeping through my butcher paper covered windows (i still can't find something i like to cover the windows). i shot the pictures in manual and i have a nikon d40 (rather i borrowed my sisters as mine gets fixed). though the last picture (my closet) uses my sb900 flash. hope this bit of info helps.

    here is to another messy monday in a couple weeks. maybe i will do it every first monday of the month. God knows I accumulate lots of messes in different places monthly!

    and thank you to those who were brave along side me and share your messes! for those neat freaks who almost freaked out at my pictures... be sure to stop by those who shared their messes and gives us some messy ones some tips on how to be neat! or at least how to stay neat.

    hugs to everyone!

  22. Ooh, I feel right at home with these pictures! Our closets practically look like twins, except mine has more random stuff (crib bumper, Labyrinth on VHS, plastic sink drain pipe) on the floor, along with the clothes. It ain't pretty. I was just wondering; what books do you have there on the floor underneath your bedside table? :)

  23. So funny -this monday probably was the lets clean up monday, this Saturday I was managing a sample and stock sale of our brand in the unheated warehouse in Zürich, Switzerland, on Sunday I drove up to Munich for the big ISPO Show and on the same day back (21 hours on legs) So on Monday I got to the office pretty much wasted, so I started to sort my personal mail ( after 5 weeks of piling up) So I have to finish that tonight and than I start ironing........
    Greetings from Switzerland, Nicole

  24. Your mess looks great ;-) I was too busy yesterday, but I dared to take some pictures too!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I will do my best to participate next time. I totally forgot about this!!! Maybe I should post today and entitle it "Terribly Messy Tuesdays, Too!"

    Love, Susan

  27. good to see you are normal too! though i am notoriously known as the cleaning freak, i do have a secret... every drawer and cabinet in my house is as disorganized as as everybody else's. i can clean and organize my home, except the insides of drawers and cabinets.

  28. lin- you must have deleted your comment. you always do that!

  29. here is a mess i wrote about last week...


    this is just a small one compared to some fun spots in the rest of the house...

    thanks for sharing with us!

  30. I am a late come to this post, however in the process of decluttering my life. Its all done in the apartment now (two storage areas outside to attend to though) EXCEPT my two wardrobes which I left till last. They are both packed to overfilling and haven´t been opened for months! (I am pregnant and relocated my clothes elsewhere for the duration). However, come a few weeks I will be baring it to my blog and downsizing :). Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Thanks Rubyellen for posting your clutter but you are not alone. I used to have alot of clothing but after moving 5 times in 5 years I was in that point of my life where I gave alot away. Now that I am settle...every 6 months I purge, use it as rags or keep it for projects so I can keep my sanity. The only problem right now is to maintain my mail pile (I still can't conquer the problem...). My bedside table is a bookshelf but once in awhile I have to tackle it or else it drives me insane.
    I have to give you alot of credits for pasting your jpegs though on the blog...thank you for showing us a glimpse inside your home. Yes we are normal!! =D


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