February 18, 2009

i needed a new dress

Okay... since all of you have seen my closet, then you know a new dress isn't needed, rather wanted. Although, by no means was I going to buy one cause it wasn't needed. I have fabric and know how to sew and thought I ought to just make one. 

I have been loving the one's Catherine has been making for herself and she inspires me to sew more for me (sewing adult size scares me). I really don't go clothes shopping anymore (that stopped when I had True), but I still do get that shopping itch. Usually, making things for my littles ones calms the itch, but for Valentine's Day I wanted to look nice for Ben. 

Therefore, off I went to my large stash of fabric and a little cutting and sewing together... "voila!"
my new dress
I was happy with the way it turned out (as it was done without a pattern because I am bad at following directions) and I wanted a tunic-ish style one that was a little more forgiving in certain areas, because after having 2 kids, I need a little more forgiveness! 

First, it was just gray, but a little too plain for me. After a bit of time fiddling with things here and there, I saw this vintage tablecloth with hand embroidery in my stash, and cut out these little bits and sewed them on...
vintage touch on my new dress
It was the perfect touch (at least I think so).

Alas, here I am modeling my little concoction (I hate self portraits and this will have to do)...
bad at self portraits
I was so excited to show Ben when he came home and the verdict was that he liked it, but he did wish it was tighter. He said that I was hiding my figure. I told him, "Exactly." Haha... so I did end up taking it in a bit more. Well, it was to impress him anyways!

It was definitely the perfect dress for our Love Day galavanting...


  1. I love this so much! Its wonderful:)

  2. Impressive... could be in any boutique. You are super talented and I really enjoy your blog.

  3. That is awesome. I don't use patterns either, but my stuff comes out very lopsided. Not ideal for garments. :)

  4. this inspires me. i just got my first sewing machine (growing up i used my moms of course) and i am so excited to start sewing again!

  5. love it! wow. wish I could just whip up new outfit like that! love the orange...perfect!

  6. ruby... bizarro world strikes again.
    I love your cute dress...

    see mine???
    (though I didn't make the dress part...)


  7. thank you all for your encouraging comments. i am so determined to make more clothes for myself to satisfy this shopping itch!

  8. Well done, Rubyellen! It looks fab and you must be thrilled. It's so satisfying making your own clothes, and once you've got a pattern you really like there's nothing stopping you. Can't wait to see more creations!

  9. I LOVE your dress!!! I too feel intimidated about sewing a dress for myself....it just seems like such a big deal.
    Maybe I'll get brave one day.
    But I do love yours!!!


  10. I love the orange and white pieces!!! And please-- Rubyellen, you are GORGEOUS!!!! You need to believe that. Don't spend your time thinking otherwise... it's such a waste. When you're 40 someday like me, you'll understand what I mean. You are a beautiful woman on the outside AND the inside... and that is what Ben sees every day. Celebrate your beautiful figure... and show your pretty face more... we love you!

  11. hmmmm...you know there is a lady in New York who would love a dress like that (nudge nudge)
    it looks great :)

  12. it looks so beautiful, rubyellen! i am making myself a dress too, i just hope it looks half as cute as yours!

  13. I love it!! My daughter Ivy has one of your crowns. I can't wait until she fits into it and will totally be taking a pic!


  14. Fabulous new dress!! Recently, I found new spring collection at American Eagle Outfitters... It's pretty impressive!!


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