February 15, 2009

full of love

My love gave me a bunch of flowers with every one handpicked by him, he said the dahlias reminded him of me...
just for me

My love filled my tummy with love...
ben loves me pancakes

Love was given to our little babes...
love gifts for my girls

Love was given to my love...
gifts for my beloved (their papi)

My love gave me a rose...
a rose

My love wrote me a most poetic love note (with my favorite chocolate)...
my special love note
I thank God for the joy and love He so graciously bestows upon me and allows me to enjoy through Him. I was so excited to also be able to give my Benny the present I have been working on just for him. It is hard keeping a secret, maybe I will share it with you in the next few days (and it doesn't involve a baby in my belly, just in case you were thinking that).

I love my Benny and my little babes... it was a day full of love. 

I hope yours was just as love-ly...


  1. you're a lucky duck! there's no other feeling feeling loved ♥

  2. what a sweet day for you and your family!

  3. looks like you had a beautiful day full of love!!!!! we had a wonderful vday as well. much love was given and received!

  4. Happy valentines day!! looks like you took good care of your sweet ones :)!

  5. Those are my fave chocolates too! I'll be giving away a couple of boxes of them on my blog later this week :)


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